Zinus Elite Smartbase Review – Should I Get It?

Are you searching for the best metal bed frame? The one that can be easily adjusted and is sustainable as well as affordable? Well, you are at the right place. We have a Zinus Elite Smartbase Review.
Trust me, how you slept last night will influence the quality of your activities today. From your focus on work to your physical health, sleep is something you should not bet with.
If you don’t have enough of it, you will be exposed to a high risk of heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure and even strokes.
Let’s face it; quality sleep does not come on a silver platter. There are external factors that influence the quality of your sleep. Among the external factors are the excellent mattress, pillow, and even the bedding matters.
In this competitive market, you can get so many frames made with different materials which can make the search for the best metal frame a hard task. You can get them designed from metal, wood or leather.
To make your search for the best metal frame simpler, we will, however, take you through one known metal frame; the zinus elite smart base.

Zinus Elite Smartbase Review

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Tired of bed frames that require you to get a box spring? Then rest your case there because the Zinus frame has eliminated the extra costs of buying a box spring. You can now use the money allocated for that box spring for something else.
The zinus elite smart base eliminates the need for a box spring because your memory foam or latex mattress is to be placed straightaway on the Smart base.
Uniquely engineered for optimal support and durability, the sturdy steel mattress holder has multiple contact points with the ground for stability and can carry up to 500 kg. The Smart base is well made for easy handling and incorporates plastic caps not to damage your floors and an innovative folding design for secure storage.


In addition to a variety of styles, it also comes in three sizes. These include Deluxe, Standard, and many others.
This metal bed is measuring 76 by 80 by 14 inches in size and is made of metal that can last for long.

Underneath Space

It stands at fourteen inches and leaves you with thirteen inches of storage underneath. This can be used to store some things by those who have tight bedrooms.

Fold able

The zinus elite, smart base is a fold able thus flexible bed. Therefore, it will make your work more relaxed when you need to change position or fold it for storage.
Many people sometimes conclude that anything made of metal is not suitable for your home floor.
However, that conclusion is valid for this metal frame. It has plastic caps that cover the legs, so they do not leave any marks on your floor.


You do not have to worry about the assembly because it is a do-it-by-yourself thing. To assemble this, you will need no tools. Furthermore, it accompanies a user manual to make the assembling procedure stress-free.


You will notice that the zinus elite smart base is noise-free when used for normal laying and resting purposes. Unless you start much exercise like during the intimacy making, it will not produce sound. But in any case, where you make extra moves, you can experience it a bit loud.
Regarding the king sizes, you may see the friction of the screws, which you can reduce with the lubricants between the screws. However, you must buy the lubricants separately.
So that’s enough proof to consider this bed frame. It is made entirely of steel and is therefore strong enough to hold the weight of an average person. To further let you into making your decision, below find some of the pros and minor weaknesses of this excellent product.

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pros and cons



  • Made from stainless steel thus durable Lightweight and foldable, therefore easy to carry Cheap compared to other bed frames Eliminates traditional box spring and bed frames Noise-free



  • Since there is no edge around the foundation, it cannot hold the mattress for long. The mattress on the top is sometimes pushed back if you make frequent movements. Although it has almost 13 inches of sub frame space, it cannot be used entirely! The crossbars there limit the use of available storage space underneath.

Let’s Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions About Zinus Elite Smartbase.

  1. What is the supported weight for this frame?

This frame will hold about 2400 pounds (on a queen size frame), which are evenly distributed. This relies on the mattress and whatever else you put on it.

  1. Are the legs deepened?

The legs are slightly deepened to avoid hitting your toe and on the other hand, give an impressive look.

  1. What is the ideal size of the skirt for this bed?

A 16-inch bed skirt is recommended. This is to make sure that you cover it completely.

  1. Will the mattress slip around on sleeping?

No, the mattress will not slide on this bed frame. Even on using the memory foam mattress, it will not. Though it has no lip to prevent sliding, there is no essence of having one as the mattress will not be slid.

  1. How much can I store under this frame?

It forms up 13 inches free space underneath. This is quite enough for storage of substances with a height up to 12 inches.

Wrapping Up

Though there are many other fascinating features and elements of this frame that might not have been covered in this review, it is clear that we reach to an end for our zinus elite smartbase review.
The 14-inch zinus elite smart base is such a worthy product that you should from today consider. The name itself speaks about it. You cannot find a second mattress foundation that has as many positive features as this one. The price is surprisingly lower than any of its capable competitors.
Although you will find some complaints about it, never think about these deal breakers. Look no other than this bed frame. Enjoy your sleep, while you improve on the quality of your daily activities.

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