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Sleep is one of the most important aspects of every one lives. We can go without food for around 3 weeks, but we can only last 11 days without sleep. In order to ensure we get the right kind of sleep and the proper support while sleeping, we need a good neck pillow.

UTTU Sandwich Pillow is one of the most well-loved pillows out there. So today, I am going to review the pillow for you. In this UTTU Sandwich Pillow review, I am going to dive into great depths about the features, let you know all the pros and cons of using this pillow. I am also going to answer any questions you might have about this.

What are we waiting for? Let’s jump straight into the review!


UTTU Sandwich Pillow Review Overview


UTTU Sandwich Pillow Queen Size, Adjustable Memory...
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UTTU Sandwich Pillow Queen Size, Adjustable Memory...
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR NECK PAIN RELIEF - UTTU Pillow features unique adjustable lofts for varied types of...
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  • BAMBOO COVER - This bamboo pillow has a cover made of 40% bamboo viscose, making it a COOLING PILLOW...
  • ITEM DIMENSIONS - 23.6"×14"×4.7"/3.9", this cervical pillow is designed to fit different sleeping...

The position we sleep in and the kind of support we get from our mattress as well as a pillow are both very important factors for our overall health. Without the right support, we might see that our physical health worsens over time. So, this is something UTTU was very mindful of when making their pillows.

Their main aim is to make such a product that could be beneficial for all, yet still be unique in its own way. To cater to everyone, they designed pillows made of memory foams, their unique cut-and-lay style, and of course, the added feature of adjustable height.

All of these combined, you have in your hands one of the most comfortable pillows you will ever lay your head on.

When you, as a customer, decide to invest your money on a product such as this one, you might already be facing some neck issues, or you want to prevent the issues from ever occurring. The other possibility is that you just want to get some of the best pillows to get good quality sleep every night.

No matter what the situation you might be in or what might have motivated you to get this pillow, it is very important that it performs the way it says it would. And thankfully, these UTTU sandwich pillows really are as soft as you would imagine clouds to be.

Moreover, the bottom line when it comes to these pillows is that they are not only made for a comfortable sleep. Rather there are many doctors who recommend UTTU sandwich pillows for orthopedic reasons. This helps to ease a lot of neck and back pain and overall corrects a lot of posture problems.

There are many specifications and features of these pillows that I am going to go into great detail with. This will help you make your final decision about whether you should invest in them or not.


Adjustable Loft

If you are someone who is looking to find some comfort and support for a pillow such as this, then there are many features you might be looking into. And more or less, most of these are going to start looking the same after some point, but there are certain things that happen to differ from others.

The adjustable loft option is one of the key elements of the UTTU sandwich pillow that not many others have. And it is because of this feature why many people like this so much.

Originally the form has a higher side and a lower side. The former is 4.7 inches, and the latter is 3.9 inches. But if you remove the memory foam in the middle, then you can get a height of 3.5 inches and 2.8 inches. You might like this if you have trouble sleeping on a taller pillow.



In many situations, the design of a product can make or break it in front of the customers. Especially when it comes to an orthopedic pillow, the design and shape are very impactful on the quality of sleep as well as the snug feeling of laying your head on the pillow.

So, the UTTU sandwich pillow has a higher contour and a lower contour, and there is a slight dip in the middle. You could say that is has been designed to replicate the shape of your skull. The higher contour is where you would place the top of your head. Your ears should rest in the dip and the lower contour for the neck.

As a side sleeper myself, I would say this is how I like to position my head when I’m sleeping. For the back or stomach sleepers, the shape would work as well. The moral of the story here is that the shape is going to give you relief from any pressure you might put on your neck in your sleep.

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Memory Foam

The making of the pillow is equally important for us to know about. Many of us might have heard about the tales of memory foams and even sleep on these mattresses. Its really impossible to get out of bed when you lay down, and soon sleep is inevitable.

Just as it is a dream come true in the form of a mattress, the same can be said about it when it’s in the form of a pillow. I assure you, you and any one will not want to get up.

How much comfort you get from the memory foam pillow is not the only important part. Rather here, you are also going to see that these pillows last much longer than your regular pillows. Most of the time, the pillows we use flatten down from use, but these memory foam ones are not going to give you that trouble.

Also, some pillows tend to harden during the winter. Memory foam, however, does not react to a change in temperature. So, you will get the same feel and comfort all year round.

UTTU Sandwich Pillow


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Pillow Cover

Even though this might not come off as one of the most important aspects of the pillow, but the bamboo cover will most definitely make a difference. First of all, it is a blend of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo, so the material is not rough for your hair, and you are not likely to get any type of rash or allergic reaction to it.

Along with that, you can easily remove and wash it either by hand or washing machine as per your liking.

And lastly, at times, when we lay our face on the pillow, we might see that we get breakouts on the sides of our face. This happens because of the buildup of dust on the pillow. Because of the bamboo and polyester blend, these pillows are dust resistant, and you can clean it if it does get a little dusty.

Pros and Cons

  • Made for the comfort of all types of sleepers
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Good for people suppering from neck problems and bad posture
  • Not too soft or too firm
  • Can be adjusted as per requirement
  • Good for people of all heights and shoulder-width

  • The cover does not have a zipper
  • The foam smell needs to be air out for 24 hours before use


Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the UTTU Sandwich Pillow Review:

  1. There is a weird smell coming off the pillow after unpacking; will this smell go away?

What you are smelling is the natural odor of the foam. The product isn’t faulty or anything. So, don’t worry. All you need to do after taking it out of the packaging is to let it air out for 24+ hours. Make sure it gets proper air, so the smell permanently leaves.

  1. Are these pillows gluten-free?

Many people are very sensitive to gluten. Therefore, UTTU has made it 100% gluten-free. It has been passed by the ISPA and CertiPUR-US, and it is completely gluten-free and non-toxic.

  1. Does this pillow cure neck stiffness?

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the pillow cures neck problems and stiffness completely. But you will see a noticeable difference in your neck after some use, so it does help.

  1. How should I clean the pillow?

You are not supposed to clean or wash the actual core of the pillow. The cover is removable, and that can be washed as per your need. Do not use any type of bleaching agent on it either as it can damage the foam.

  1. How do I remove the middle foam?

All you have to do is open the pillow from the cover and take the middle foam out and close it over the back. Just make sure to align the top and bottom layers of the pillow.


Final Verdict

I hope, after reading this UTTU sandwich pillow review, you have no confusion in your mind regarding the pillow.

If you ask me, I would say that this pillow is most definitely worth the money they charge. You will automatically see a difference in your neck after a few nights.

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