Best Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow Review

The therapeutic sleeping pillow looks weird. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a pillow. Neither it’s soft and puffy. But despite all these, I must admit that it’s one of the best pillows on the market, if not the very best. Confused? After reading my Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow Review, you won’t be.

The unique and brilliant design of this therapeutic pillow distinguishes itself from other pillows.

It not only gives you a revitalizing sleep but also improves your posture while you sleep. It has been designed with the neck and spine in mind and gives them the support they need.

Yes, it’s not the best-looking pillow on the market (perhaps worst), but then you are not going to carry it around all day long. Right?

It comes in 5 different sizes. So, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the perfect size for you.

Moreover, the cover of this therapeutic pillow is removable and can be cleaned in a machine.

Key Partaking Features about Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow Review

Therapeutica Pillow, Firm Orthopedic Support, Back...
954 Reviews
Therapeutica Pillow, Firm Orthopedic Support, Back...
  • A FIRM ORTHOPEDIC PILLOW to help restore the natural curve of the neck
  • WATCH THE VIDEO FOR SIZING INSTRUCTIONS. This is a sized product. Sleeping on the wrong size pillow...
  • YOUR BODY MAY NEED TIME TO ADJUST to using a corrective pillow. OVERUSE during the adjustment period...
  • Made from firm non-allergenic and nontoxic molded foam; this is not a soft memory foam pillow
  • FOM-130-AVG, Average Firm: 24.75" x 10.75" x 5.25". Includes zippered pillow cover.


The therapeutic pillow doesn’t look ordinary.

And it certainly isn’t any ordinary pillow. In fact, it includes several unique and immensely useful features.

The wedge on the bottom of the pillow captures the thoracic spine in the upper back. It renders support as it leads into the cervical curve.

The head cradle lets the head fall into the pillow. It gives your head the much-needed support and allows proper alignment to take place.

Thanks to its side cradles, it can also accommodate side-sleeping.

It is perhaps one of the rare pillows that actually provide proper facilities for both side sleepers and back sleepers.

The side cradles of this cervical pillow not only feel cozy but also create proper alignment while you are side-sleeping.

You will see that there’s a slope on the side cradles from the front to the back.

It gives you the required height for shoulder clearance as your head goes into the cradle.

There’s also a concave for your head to fall into.

The edge of the front area is beveled. It helps you to lean against the pillow and release the pressure from the shoulder area.

The only drawback of this pillow is that it doesn’t allow your stomach sleeping.

However, I’m not sure whether you can call it a drawback as most of the doctors advise against stomach-sleeping.

Air Channels

There are air channels on both side cradles and the main cervical cradle of this pillow.

These air channels allow the air to move freely throughout the entire pillow and significantly reduce the heat.

As a result, the pillow will remain cool during the entire night. That means you won’t have to wake up in the middle of sleep to turn over the pillow. Rejoice!

Removable and Washable Cover

A dirty cover is injurious to sleep.

For when your pillowcase resembles the black more than its original color (in this case white), it might cause the sleep to take a sudden flight.

However, there’s no reason for you to worry as the cervical pillow comes with a removable cover. Just unzip the pillow cover and put it into a washing machine.

If for some reason, you don’t want the cotton outer case, then you can always replace it with another one that you prefer (I’d recommend velvet; they are fantastic).


Five different sizes are available for this pillow.

They are; child, petite, average, large and XL.

It’s evident that the child size is very small and only suitable for children.

On the contrary, people with a very large body should opt for the XL size.

Petite and average are the most popular sizes by far. Most of the adults should fall into these two categories.

If you find your measurement between two sizes, then choose the smaller one.

Be mindful that size is crucial, especially the right size. The wrong size can render the pillow worthless.


You must be wondering how to take measurements for the therapeutic pillow?

Well, it’s pretty easy.

You need to gauge from the neck to the humerus bone of your shoulder. That’s it.

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  • Creates proper alignment for spine
  • Provides ample support for neck and head
  • Includes a removable pillowcase
  • Doesn’t trap heat
  • Suitable for both side-sleeping and back-sleeping


  • Doesn’t allow stomach sleeping
  • Could have been a little bit softer

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Does this pillow retain heat?

No, it doesn’t. It has air channels installed on the side cradles and main cradle to allow free movement of the air.

  1. How do I measure the right size?

You have to gauge the length from the neck to the shoulder bone. There are five sizes. At least one should fit you precisely.

  1. How hard is the foam of this pillow?

It’s neither hard nor soft. I’d say that the level of firmness is medium. However, it’s very comfortable and won’t cause any discomfort.

  1. What is the lifespan of this pillow?

It should easily last for 5-6 years. In some case, it ensures more than that.

  1. Is the pillow washable?

Unfortunately no. You can’t wash the pillow. But you can wash the cover or replace it with another one.


The therapeutic sleeping pillow can be the ideal solution for people with back and neck problems. For it provides perfect alignment and creates support for your head and neck.

Warm sleepers will find this pillow to their taste due to its capability of remaining cool throughout the night. However, it might not attract the stomach sleepers as it allows only side-sleeping and back-sleeping.

Considering that stomach-sleeping is deemed dangerous by the doctors, I’d mark it as a plus point. It will approximately take a week to get used to the pillow.

So, don’t lose your patience after just 2-3 days. Overall, the therapeutic pillow is superior to most of the pillows due to its numerous health benefits and the high level of comfort it offers.

Thus, if you want to wake up every day with no pain, exhaustion or tiredness, then you should purchase this pillow ASAP. Because you know all information about therapeutic pillow with Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow Review.

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