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Since its inception, the Tempur Pedic has consistently pushed the envelope of the pillow industry. Over time, they have built a stellar reputation for delivering top-quality products to their customers. Now they have come up with another revolutionary product called; Tempur Pedic Symphony Pillow. Before we get to the in-depth Tempur Pedic Symphony Pillow Review, let’s take a quick look at what it offers.

  • The Tempur pillow has been manufactured to suit all sort of sleepers. Hence, irrespective of whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper, you will certainly get something out of the pillow.
  • The design of this pillow is unique. It has two different sides; the top part of the pillow is elevated a little bit and resembles a hilltop, whereas the other side is completely flat.
  • You can remove the outer cover and get it washed in a machine.
  • Solid memory foam has been used to make this pillow. It enables the pillow to conform to your body parts when touched.
  • The pillow is highly responsive and exceedingly soft. It makes the Tempur pillow ideal for a smooth sleeping experience.
  • Tempur pedic does not offer any trial periods on their pillows. but there is a 5 years warranty for material defects.

Key Partaking Features of the Tempur Pedic Symphony Pillow Review

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TEMPUR-Symphony Pillow, White, 1 Count (Pack of...
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Solid Memory Foam

Tempur-Pedic has employed one of the softest memory foams (Molded Visco-Elastic Polyurethane) to construct the symphony pillows.

That makes the sleeping surface of the pillow very responsive and also makes it possible for the pillow to contour your head and neck appropriately.

It allows the Tempur pillow to work as a potent remedy for people with back or spinal pain.

However, due to the use of memory foam, the pillow might seem slightly hefty to you.

Nevertheless, this is nothing but a temporary inconvenience. It will take only a week or two to get used the weight.


It has two different sides.

One side is completely flat, while the other side is slightly curved with a flatter top.

The arch is specifically designed for the side sleepers. It gives them the necessary support for their head and neck and also helps them to get into a comfortable sleeping position.

However, some users have claimed that the arch is more beneficial to people who sleep on their back instead of their side.

Regarding the stomach sleepers, they can lay on the smoother surface of the pillow and get into a deep slumber.


The loft of a pillow won’t tell you anything about the comfort level or density of the pillow.

However, it can help you to get a good idea of the measurements.

Now, the loft of this symphony pillow, in spite of the arch, is 5 inches, which is the standard size in the pillow industry.

The loft of the pillow doesn’t fluctuate much when compressed or at rest. That’s because the solid memory doesn’t redistribute its weight inside the pillow and contours to only the load placed on it.


The size of the pillow is 24″ x 17″ x 5″, which is in line with the standard size of the pillow industry.

However, the loft can make a pillow look smaller or bigger.

Make sure that your pillow cover doesn’t fit too tightly around the pillow.

The pillow shouldn’t be compressed; otherwise, you won’t be able to accrue all the benefits from your cushion.

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The Washable Tempur Pedic Symphony Pillowcase.

The outer case is a zippered removable cover.

You can comfortably get it cleaned in a washing machine. So, no need to put your head into a germ infested pillow every night.

However, that’s not the case regarding the pillow. Due to Solid memory foam filling, you can’t put the pillow in a washing machine.

Memory foam isn’t washable as water, or any kind of liquid can damage the cellular structure of the foam.


The cover of this pillow has a high airflow rate, and the air can move freely through the surface of the material.

Thus, your pillow won’t get heated.

In addition, the double stitched seams make the pillow more durable and long-lasting.

If you’re wondering how long the pillow will last, then remain assured that this pillow won’t go flat or lose shape at least before a couple of years.

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  • A unique design with two different sides to suit both side and stomach sleepers
  • The pillow cover is washable
  • Doesn’t lose its shape
  • Easily contours to your head and neck
  • Ideal for people with broader shoulder and bigger heads


  • Provides no trial period
  • Pillow can’t be washed
  • Slender people may find it too firm

Frequently Asked Questions Tempur Pedic Symphony Pillow

1. How much does this pillow conform?

That depends on your weight. The pillow contours to only the weight placed on it. If you have a medium to large frame, then you should be fine.

2.Is this pillow suitable for side sleepers?

Yes, side sleepers should have no problem with this cushion.

3.How long is the lifespan of this pillow?

It should easily last 5-6 years.

4.If the pillow is folded for extended periods, will it deform?

No, it won’t. It has an incredible snap back ability.

5.Is the pillow machine washable?

The pillow isn’t machine washable. However, the pillow cover is.


To be honest, I’m highly impressed with the Tempur pedic Symphony Pillow.

How can I be not? It has so many amazing features.

Its unique design with two totally different sides isa huge plus for me. The arch has added a new dimension to the pillow.

However, there’s one drawback:

The pillow seems slightly heavy to the new users at the beginning. However, with time it doesn’t feel that way.

The price of this pillow is neither cheap nor expensive. In fact, it provides ample value for money, and your money will be well spent, should you buy one.But if you ask my opinion regarding what to do, then my only suggestion would be:

Buy this pillow. It’s damn good, and if you have the money, then you can’t afford to not want it. Tempur pedic symphony pillow review will help you to buy a best pillow.

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