Solutions To Shoulder Pain From Sleeping On Side

Looking for Solutions To Shoulder Pain From Sleeping On Side?

Almost everyone experiences shoulder pain during his or her lifetime. It can come about without warning, though not without cause, and can be a nuisance to daily activities.

Shoulder pain is pain around shoulders that in most cases felt at night. Nothing feels as disturbing as not being able to have a comfortable sleep in bed after a tiring day.

If you are unable to turn freely at night or, stretch your arm, and twisting yourself into desired sleep positions freely, finding something that brings relief is a must for you.

After all, you will probably fall asleep despite the pain in your shoulder. The only limitation you will have is the sleeping positions you will get comfortable.

Solutions to Shoulder Pain Sleeping on Side

Solutions To Shoulder Pain From Sleeping On Side

Shoulder pain, with all the inconvenience and nuisance it brings to life, can be cured quite easily. There are several possibilities, and the most guaranteed is a natural way.

Here are some solutions for shoulder pain by sleeping on the side;

#Take A Few Stretches Before Going to Bed

Lean from the waist and swing your hand in small circles. Do it one way, then the other. Then stretch yourself down, up and from one side to another. Do each stretch for about 20 seconds or so, and do it until you feel a gentle pull.

However, do not do this too much as it might hurt! Alternatively, it can cause you another shoulder pain. That is not the objective.

We have to prevent the shoulder pain and not to cause it.

#Ice Your Shoulder Before Going to Sleep After Stretching

Wrap ice in a small cloth or your T-shirt to massage over the sore spot for 15 minutes. Do not massage ice directly to the skin or you could get freezer burn.

Ice helps soothe puffiness and numbing pains to help you sleep fast before the irritating twinge of shoulder pain sets in and keeps you awake.

#Use Pillows Best Way for Solutions To Shoulder Pain From Sleeping On Side

For sure! Without a comfortable pillow, you will never get a good rest!

Therefore, you will need the one appropriately designed and made from the right material you find comfortable.

Remember to get “face” roll or full body pillows; they will help to straighten your neck and support shoulders.

Especially with shoulder pain resulting from side sleep, it is helpful to place pillows to reduce pressure from the affected shoulder. You certainly do not want to lie directly on the shoulder.

However, it can also be painful, even if you sleep on the opposite shoulder.

One solution is to place extra pillows along the back and under the affected shoulder. This helps to distribute weight and take pressure off your painful region.

You also have to consider the density when choosing the pillow for shoulder pain. The density of your pillow is largely a matter of personal comfort.

Try different densities to see what is most comfortable. Any density is acceptable as long as the pad can keep the shoulder in proper alignment.

Solutions To Shoulder Pain From Sleeping On Side

#Alternating Sides During Sleeping

One way you can overcome the painful shoulder when you wake up in the morning is to try to change sleeping sides.

Sleeping on one side for so long can result into painful shoulder as you will be putting pressure into one side.

Final Verdict

Many people have applied these Solutions To Shoulder Pain From Sleeping On Side and finally have gotten a good night’s sleep.

Shoulder pain does not have to be forever. Take specific solution like the one above, with the application of the right sleeping pillow; you will never have such shoulder pain again.

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