Shrunks Inflatable Bed Rail Reviews

Looking for the best travel bed for your toddler? So Shrunks Inflatable Bed Rail Reviews only for you. You might be having a dilemma because your crib-loving toddler has become too big for his playpen.
So now, you want a portable cot that would allow you to keep his precious sleep and relaxation during vacation.
If you are facing such a problem, you don’t have to worry as today you have got the solution.
Moreover, if you have been looking for the compact travel cot or just looking for something that would be easy to set up, you are also at the right place.
Furthermore, if you have been looking for something that is big enough for your son/daughter to grow, this article is for you.
Upon deep research and based on various user reviews, below find Shrunks Inflatable Bed Rail Reviews.

Shrunks Inflatable Bed Rail Reviews

{2-Pack} Shrunks Inflatable Bed Rail for Toddlers,...
  • STOP FALLING OUT OF BED: award winning Shrunks inflatable Bed Rail with stay put grip strips helps...
  • BIG KID DESIGN: The Shrunks Inflatable bed rails have a low profile and do not “cage in” your...
  • FITS ANY BED SIZE: inflated bed rail measures 48" long x 7" wide x 4" inches high. Compatible with...
  • COMPACT, PORTABLE, and WATER RESISTANT: lightweight slim design compactly folds for storage, fits in...
  • PASSES ALL FEDERAL SAFETY STANDARDS: The Shrunks Travel Bed Rail does not contain dangerous...
  • AWARDS & WARRANTY: The Shrunks is the original manufacturer of the Inflatable Toddler Bed Rails,...

As I said earlier, if you have been looking for the best way to ensure a safe night for your aged parent or kid, the shrunk inflatable bed rail is for you.
This bed is inflatable and therefore an excellent choice for families going on a vacation. The bed is collapsible at 7.7 lbs and can be folded up into a drawstring for portability.
This bed rail is something that you need to buy for your toddler when going for a vacation and need your toddler to have that feel of the home bedroom.
It will have no risk to your toddler as it will lay low on the ground. Your young one will not have the risk of falling from rolling. These rails will not allow that.
The reason why shrunks inflatable bed rail stands out is that it comes with a great price, side rails for extra safety and the convenience of plugging your child.
Its fast electric pump can inflate it within 30 seconds tested free of phthalate, BPA and lead smoke. Below find out, some of its features in details.


The Shrunk Toddler Bed is a great choice for those who want something between an inflatable bed as well as a fold able option. Being inflatable means, it can be used for travel.

Foot Pump

Accompanies Lightweight and compact foot pump that is easy to use. The pump will take approximately 30 seconds to feel the rail.

Carry Bag

Comes in carrying bag where you can pack your Shrunks Bed Rail when travelling. It is a lightweight nylon bag with drawstring.

Award-Winning Design 2016

With the award-winning design, it implies that it is one of the nation’s most coveted, family-friendly products.


Setup is quick and easy. It has a large opening in the air valve that allows the entry and exit of air quickly, and this makes it easy to inflate or deflate. Furthermore, accompanies a foot pump for the work.

Shrunk Grip Strip

This bed rail comes with grip strips that keep it in position when the user rolls on it.

Safety Protection

Kids can be at risk when sleeping on the bed with no rails. They like to roll, throw and turn incautiously while asleep. For the security of these kids, you need the help of shrunk inflatable bed rail. With this, they will be kept at the center whatever rolling they will make.
Furthermore, other bed rails contain substances that can be hazardous for our children. However, for the shrunk inflatable bed rail, you will have a peace of mind. It comes free of polyurethane, unlike other rails and this means that it is safe for your toddler.


This is an inexpensive option and one that will serve yours for some years to come. Though there are other cheaper models, some of them are difficult to replenish, especially for first-time users, but this is not the predicament with this particular option.

pros and cons



  • There are some reasons why we encourage you to buy this particular product for your kid. Below are just some of them. • Stays in position even on rolling. • Big enough for teenage and aged individuals. • Accompanies a foot pump for easy inflation. • Accompanies repair patches. • Accompanies a carrying bag for travel. • Award-winning design.



  • There have been complaints that the plastic is smelly and takes some weeks to dissipate. This can be inconvenient to some users who will find the smell not good. Furthermore, the rail will not fit all the pillow sizes. In different cases, it will be smaller or larger for pillows.

Let’s Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions

It is not a crime to have some questions about the product you haven’t used before. I know you also have your hypothetical questions. You are not alone. Below are some of the most asked questions from readers and users across the globe.

1. Is this a two-pack?

Of course, it is a tow pack.

2. Can I carry it to a place?

Yes, you can carry to your plane. It is a fold able bed rail and accompanies a carry bag that you can deflate, fold and pack the rail in it.
3. How can I repair the licking seams on this bed rail?
Check for the repair patch and use it to seal the seams. If you don’t have the repair patch, ask it from your seller. It should accompany a repair patch.

4. Can you use these rails with a 2-inch thick camping mattress/pad?

Yes, you can use it. Just push under the sheets, and everything will be ok.

Wrapping Up

Though it is right that no product will work for any one of us, especially when it comes to sensitive things like air mattresses, where a needle-sized hole can turn your experience with a bed into a negative, it is no different when it comes to bed rails.
However, if you see that a product has so many positive reviews, the chances of it being a bad product are slim. So with the many positive sides and remarkable features of this Shrunks inflatable bed rail, why not buy it? Because you know about Shrunks Inflatable Bed Rail Reviews.

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