Pros and Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Are you thinking of getting a Himalayan salt lamp? If so, then you must be wondering whether it would be an excellent addition to your room. To make this decision, you need to know the pros and cons of Himalayan salt lamps.

Himalayan salt lamps are a trendy and beautiful home décor piece. If used properly and creatively, they can illuminate and help transform any place into a fabulous one. They add elegance, style, and functionality, as well.

They are also alleged to be more than just a home décor light. It is said that they possess a variety of health benefits, including cleaning the air in the house, soothing allergies, boosting your mood, and helping you sleep. Although Himalayan salt lamp benefits don’t have any strong evidence, they are believed to have plenty of healing properties and health benefits.

However, these lamps can present a number of negative effects as well. We will discuss both of them further. But first, to get a better grasp on the subject, let’s find out what Himalayan salt lamps are.

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Himalayan salt lamps are extracted blocks of salt from the edges of the Himalayan Mountain that ranges in the Punjab region of Pakistan. These salt mines are situated at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, and they are known to be millions of years old. They are remains of the sea that was evaporated millions of years ago. Until they were discovered, these left-behind salt deposits were protected by layers of mountains.

Thanks to their alluring and amazing glow, Himalayan salt lamps have become a fascinated interior décor. And they are also believed to have various health benefits, but that’s a subject of debate. It is assumed that they can purify the air in your room, help soothe some allergic reactions, uplift mood, as well as boost sleep. Nevertheless, there are both pros and cons of Himalayan salt lamps.

How are Himalayan salt lamps made?

Salt lamps are chunks of mineral-rich pink Himalayan rock extracted from the earth. Then a hole is carved out in it where a light bulb is inserted. An electrical cord comes out of it, and a base is also added for protection. There are also salt lamp designs that contain many small chunks of salt instead of a big one.

The finished product is quite a sight and, when switched on, emits a cozy, pink-glowing light. Salt lamps that are crafted from pink salt excavated from the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan are only considered top-notch and authentic.

Fascinating facts about Himalayan Salt Lamps 

  1. Himalayan salt rocks have been around for over 200 million years

Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? For more than 200 million years, Himalayan salt rocks have been in existence. The color of the rock can vary depending on the age. Their color can range from off-white to dark brown. The most accepted ones are pink or orange color ones.

  1. Can remove odor

It is believed by many people that Himalayan salt lamps can eradicate odors around it. This is one of their various reasons for popularity.

  1. Past Popularity

The first invention of Himalaya salt lamps happened decades ago. They were quite stylish in the 1980s. And because of their elegant style, they become a classic hit that never really died out.

However, they weren’t very well-accepted in the 2000s. But they are a widely accepted home décor now. Just make sure to choose one based on your home’s needs.

  1. Color Determines Quality

Himalayan salt lamps come in both high-quality and low-quality versions, just like every other product. Typically, a salt lamp that is dark pink indicates it is from a genuine mine from the edge of the Himalayans. If you are looking for health benefits these lamps are believed to offer, it is ideal to choose the darker color.

On the other hand, light pink salt lamps are not of good quality. They might not offer those assumed health benefits you are looking for.

  1. These lamps sweat

These negative ion rich salt lamps attract moisture from the air. Therefore, it is not unusual for the salt rock to leave water rings on the surface it sits.

To avoid ruining your furniture, you can use a quality coaster. There are also high-quality placemats designed specifically for salt lamps that will also help to keep your polished table clean.

Pros and Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps 

Pros and Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Now that you have a better understanding of Himalayan salt lamps are, it’s time to dive into the pros and cons of Himalayan salt lamps. It is essential to learn a good deal about them in order to make an informed choice.


First, let’s talk about the positives aspects of the Himalayan salt lamps. They are very popular because of the assumed benefit they provide to individuals who are exposed to them. Here are the positives Himalayan salt lamps should provide.

Neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation

In this modern era, all of the room of the house is filled with electronic devices. And some houses are even wired for smart technology. All these electronics constantly emit electromagnetic radiation (ER), which causes an accumulation of positive ions in the house.

The more troubling news is that long-term exposure to ER could cause various health complications, including increased stress levels, chronic fatigue, and weakened immune system.

The good news is that Himalaya salt lamps might help with this issue. The negative ions released from the salt lamps could nullify the effects of the positive ions. Therefore, the ER is less likely to cause a problem.

Purifies air 

Himalayan salt lamps have hygroscopic properties. This means that they can hold the water molecules from the atmosphere. And along with the moisture, they can remove contaminants as well. These include smoke, pollen, dust, and odors. However, this also means your lamp may become dirty, with so many elements attracted to it.

So make sure you clean it regularly.

Helps in managing asthma 

As you already know, salt lamps can filter out an array of allergens from our living environment, including dust, mildew, mold, pollen, and pet dander. For that reason, they have become a well-accepted décor among people who have bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory issues.

Another amazing fact about salt lamps is that they have been used through Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Mainly, people who suffer from asthma sit close to the salt lamps to help deal with their state.

Enhance the beauty of your home

Not all salt lamp pros refer to its health or healing properties. They are also mesmerizingly beautiful too. Even without the light, they look pretty amazing and interesting, just sitting on a table. And when they are lit, their beauty makes the entire room beautiful.

They can be used to transform the décor of any space, including bedroom, study table, lounge to the patio, and every space in between. The real beauty of salt lamps lies in their pink glow, as well as the ability to marry well with most interior design.

Helps reduces stress level and improves mood

Himalayan salt lamps can neutralize the positive ions in your room, which can help improve your mood. Your mood might be lifted, and you may feel more energetic than before.

In a manner of speaking, you breathe in the negative ions, and they flow throughout the body. When they get in touch with your bloodstream, they can assist your body release more “happy-making” chemical – serotonin.

Serotonin can reduce symptoms of depression, relieve stress, and make you want to be more productive. Moreover, the negative ion can improve oxygen and blood supply to your brain and organs, making you feel more focused and better.

Promote better sleep 

Not getting a good night’s sleep is an issue that many people face. It is hard to sleep when you are anxious or stressed out about something. You spend the night tossing and turning, which makes you wake up drained.

Along with their ability to purify the air and remove allergens, salt lamps could also improve blood and oxygen supply. This can improve blood circulation throughout your body.

When your body has better blood circulation, it doesn’t have to work as hard. The body becomes relaxed, which calms the mind. This helps you rest more easily. You can also make the salt lamp as a nightlight, and its soft glow will make it easy to fall asleep.


Himalayan salt lamps come with many pros, but it also has some drawbacks. And to make an informed decision, you need to know the cons as well.


These nature-made salt lamps have specific properties that need to be dealt with properly. If they pull in too much moisture, they are bound to sweat. It is possible to counterbalance this by keeping the bulb lit all the time.

And to keep it from leaking onto the furniture, you may also want to use a placemat or decorative bowl underneath. It is also best to have them away from electronics. Even though they can drain off electromagnetic radiation, any kind of leakage can be damaging.


Although it is possible to find Himalayan salt lamps that weigh around 5 pounds, some of them can even weigh up to 50 pounds. Commonly, it cost more if it weighs more, but that is not always the case.

And because they are heavy, they will require a sturdy surface that will be able to withstand their weight. You should also focus on the surface type – if it is glass, there’s a chance the salt lamp will scratch or crack it.

Can break easily 

These delicate salt lamps look beautiful and elegant, and they can break easily as well. The mineral that is mixed with the salt crystal keeps it all together. Lacking those minerals can cause the crystal to become shatter and brittle.

Usually, white versions are the purest, but that means they are also more fragile. They also come at a high price, and they are also extremely rare.

As long as you are leaving the salt lamp on a level surface and not close to the edge, it should be fine. Also, pay attention to how everyone moves around it. A swinging arm could knock it off easily.

Explosion issues

Occurrences of explosions of salt lamps are rare. Usually, this happens when the bulb is not properly positioned inside the light. The crystal can overheat and cause it to shatter.

Therefore, when setting up a salt lamp, one must carefully follow all the instructions. It would also be better if you could use protective gear, such as safety goggles and gloves, when turning on the light for the first time.

There are plenty of phony products 

Since the Himalayan salt lamps are so popular, there are many counterfeits products on the market. These fake lamps look as same as the real thing, but they won’t provide any of the benefits mentioned above.

That’s why, when buying Himalayan salt lamps, it is best to do your research. Carefully read the customer reviews from others. You can also ask the manufacturer directly if you are unsure whether the lamp is made from Himalayan salt rock.

Genuine products don’t emit enough light to illuminate the entire room, so if your does, it is likely that your product is not authentic.


Salt lamps are believed to offer a wide range of benefits and also look amazing in almost any décor. However, they are also not inexpensive, which is why you need to make sure that you are purchasing one that is authentic.

And to do so, it is essential to know the pros and cons of Himalayan salt lamps. It is also good to know how they work and why they are so popular. This will really help you make an informed decision.

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