5 Inofia Mattress Reviews With The Ultimate Guide

Given our hectic daily schedule, the only time we get to catch a break is when our minds have departed from present-day chaos and blissfully indulged in a comfortable night of sleep. Speaking of sleep, what better way to go to bed than rolling on a luxurious memory foam mattress? We get it, shopping for a memory foam mattress can be confusing. It’s quite easy to get lost in the layers of foam. Since a mattress is directly connected to the quality of your sleep, it’s best to do some research beforehand. So, if you’re here for the Inofia mattress reviews, you will find our overview of these super comfortable, gorgeous mattresses right below!

Top 5 Inofia Mattress Reviews

Ready to try out an Inofia memory foam mattress that everybody’s been talking about? We are reviewing 5 of their bests to give you a headstart!

1. Inofia 12 inch Queen Mattress

Inofia Queen Mattress, 12 Inch Hybrid Innerspring...
5,669 Reviews
Inofia Queen Mattress, 12 Inch Hybrid Innerspring...
  • !Warning: Be cautious and keep enough distance when opening the mattress from the plastic, as it...
  • ● Breathable Mattress to Sleep On--The cool cover is made of dual-layered soft knitted fabrics...
  • ● Stronger Edge Support-- This queen size mattress has certain advantages over traditional...
  • ● Cool Bed in a box---Inofia mattress queen is shipped rolled, compressed, vacuum-sealed in an...
  • ● Warranty & Guaranty---Sleeping preferences vary from person to person, and it takes time to...

If you’re looking for a hybrid combination of foam and springs in a mattress, check this Inofia mattress review out! Since this is a mattress in a box, simply pick the mattress out of the case, unroll it on your bed frame, cut the plastic cover, and let it expand for 2 to 3 days!

Moving on to the dimensions, this glorious mattress, once fully expanded, will be 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. Not to mention, the 12-inch height is just perfect for adding that extra comfort of sleeping on a giant mattress.

The best thing about this mattress is that although it incorporates an innerspring formula, it has multiple layers of foam for keeping you snug and relaxed. Its solo encased coils are spread out over 7 zones at the core. They help relieve body aches as you stretch out for the night.

And if you have had enough of sagging mattresses and bumpy impressions of springs, you’ll be happy to know that Inofia has laid down premium layers of CertiPUR-US certified comfort foam on top!

Moreover, the assorted comfort foam layers will follow your natural body contours and sleeping postures while molding slightly to your outline. This mattress responds to your heat and shapes up in a way that comfortably cradles your body.

In addition, since heat retention is a complaint many memory foam users raise, Inofia has taken double measures to keep you cool, relaxed, and comfy! Its cool top cover is made of soft knitted dual-layered fabric. On all 4 sides, it has a breathable mesh opening for releasing heat.

Pros and Cons


  • Doubled layered soft knitted fabric at the top
  • Encased coils on the inside promote airflow
  • Airy mesh on the sides keeps your body cool and comfy
  • Strong edge support and compatibility with all bed frames


  • Not suitable if you prefer a firm bed

2. Inofia 10 Inch Responsive Memory Foam Mattress

Queen Mattress, Inofia 10 Inch Responsive Memory...
5,650 Reviews
Queen Mattress, Inofia 10 Inch Responsive Memory...
  • ATTENTION: Please keep enough distance from the mattress as it may smack people when...
  • ✔【Cool Mattress to Sleep On】- Inofia innovative memory foam queen mattress has advantage over...
  • ✔【CertiPUR-US Certified Foam Mattress】- Inofia hybrid queen size mattress is healthy to sleep...
  • ✔【Mattress-in-a-Box】- Inofia 10 inch memory foam bed mattress is compressed, vacuum sealed,...
  • ☎️【Money Back Guaranty】- Backed by a 10-Year Limited Warranty, the Inofia luxury innerspring...

If you’re a light sleeper and lately having trouble getting sound sleep at night, this memory foam mattress by Inofia is the best for you!

Relaxing in your bed after a long day at work should give you the most comfort. However, many memory foam mattresses are infamous for their heat retention. Luckily for this 10-inch queen mattress, you get a cushy top cover, which is not only soft to the touch but also skin-friendly! Keep reading this Inofia responsive memory foam mattress review to find out more about this mattress.

It helps regulate your body temperature and releases extra heat through the mesh sides. You also get premium support from the pocket springs below. They condition the airflow within the mattress so that you can have a cool, restful sleep.

And if you’re someone with a sensitive back and arms, trying out a new mattress at first might sound scary. Fear not, this Inofia mattress has everything you want your dream mattress to have. No more sinking in or waking up with beads of sweat on your forehead.

This mattress is CertiPUR-US Certified; not to mention, a responsible mattress that truly cares about keeping you comfy all through the night. It will support your body weight from individual points.

Also, this is a feature you will be grateful for since it eliminates the build-up of painful pressure points. Inofia wants to make sure that every night you sleep a little better than yesterday. That said, the performance of this mattress will stay the same from the first night!

Pros and Cons


  • Skin-friendly top cover regulates body heat
  • Mesh fabric on the sides dissipate heat for a cool sleeping climate
  • Supports your body weight in a uniform manner
  • Memory foam relieves your back pain


  • Might be too soft for some

3. Inofia 8 inch Memory Foam Mattress

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Containing certified flexible polyurethane foam, this mattress will be your long-awaited carrier to the peaceful land of sleep!

This is a comfortable foam mattress for the light sleepers and those of us who develop aches and pains from the slightest discomfort. That said, if your partner moves around a lot, this Inofia mattress will be your best shot at restful sleep!

Its motion isolation formula neutralizes motion waves from your partner and keeps you comfortably cradled during the nighttime.

The mattress has skin-friendly materials and comes in a compressed box for your convenience. It will expand on its own in two days’ time, and from then on, your bedtime comfort is sure to stretch over the years.

Your body heat and moisture will be dispersed through the knitted soft fabric on the top, ensuring a deep sleep. Moreover, this mattress features the perfect amount of softness so as not to make you sink into the bed but be very comfy nonetheless.

Right below its breathable knitted cover, there is the Eco memory foam and comfort foam, and the biggest layer of ergonomic support foam to help keep your pressure points supported and your spine aligned. So, under the top cover, you get three layers of foam for alleviating all your troubles!

Lastly, this mattress is a perfect choice for eco-activists because no amount of ozone depleters, TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, phthalates or formaldehyde were used in the making of this one of a kind eco-friendly mattress by Inofia!

Pros and Cons


  • Balanced to medium-firm feel
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Three layers of foam under the breathable top cover
  • Open-cell foam layer under the top for dispersing body heat


  • Not ideal for people who like ultra-plush beds

4. Inofia 6 inch Mattress

Full Mattress 6 Inch, Inofia Premium Memory Foam...
37 Reviews
Full Mattress 6 Inch, Inofia Premium Memory Foam...
  • 【Super Breathable】Memory foam conducive to continuous airflow, skin-friendly knitted fabrics...
  • 【No Motion Transfer】Super anti-interference. You won’t have to worry about waking your partner...
  • 【Ideal Support for Any Position】With the optimal level of firmness, coolness, breathability, and...
  • 【Easy Shipping & Set-up】Mattress is compressed and packaged in a box for shipping, allowing it...
  • 【Buy and Sleep Worry-free】We are confident in our mattress and provide you with a 100-night...

Be it a wooden frame, box, slatted base, or floor, the mattress looks good and fits snugly, giving your bedroom a stately look. The mattress can be the finest addition to your room with an elegant appearance and finish; needless to say, it will recharge your batteries for tomorrow’s hurdles!

If you want to enjoy luxurious comfort on a budget, bring this 6-inch memory foam mattress by Inofia into your home.

Looking at the Inofia memory foam mattress reviews, you already know the mattresses will be worth every penny. Not only will you get a perfect mattress to sleep on and put aside the day’s worries but also the satisfaction from the fact that your money is indeed well-spent!

The material is the trusted CertiPUR-US certified memory foam; it does not contain any harmful particles. Moreover, you can rest better, knowing that Inofia went the extra mile for using eco-friendly ingredients in this magic of a mattress!

Its ECO memory foam right under the top cover will mold to your body shape and cradle all the parts of your body uniformly. Beneath the memory foam is the comfort foam which adapts to your regular sleeping posture and relieves your back pain to a considerable extent.

And finally, the lowermost ergonomic foam layer aligns your spine. Even if your partner moves like they’re at a party in their sleep, Inofia’s motion isolation feature will keep you peacefully unaware and soundly asleep!

Pros and Cons


  • Better lifespan than traditional mattresses
  • Memory foam enhances pressure relief
  • Sufficient air circulation and heat discharge for keeping your body cool
  • Skin-safe and eco-friendly materials


  • The height might be low for those who like to sleep on more elevated mattresses

5. Inofia Memory Foam Tri-Fold Mattress

Folding Mattress, Inofia Memory Foam Tri-fold...
3,722 Reviews
Folding Mattress, Inofia Memory Foam Tri-fold...
  • 【6 Inch Queen Tri-fold Mattress】The foam camping mattress is equipped with ultra-soft bamboo...
  • 【Transportable Mattress】Inofia Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress allows you to get a comfortable...
  • 【Temporary Sleeping Accommodation】Inofia mattress is the ideal solution to temporary sleeping...
  • 【High-Quality Construction】Inofia 6inch tri-fold mattress is constructed of 1.5 inch memory foam...
  • 【Inofia Guarantee】Inofia tri-fold mattress comes with 100 hassle-free night trial and 10-year...

This camping mattress combines the right amount of plushness and firmness to cradle you for the night. Given your busy schedule, grant your body the pampering it deserves!

To begin with, the transportable mattress features a 1.5-inch memory foam layered on top of 4.5-inch base foam. The soft bamboo cover over its fire barrier lining and foam layers truly add up to its top-class comfort and safety.

What we like about this breathable, memory foam mattress is that you don’t have to give up the softness of your own bed when you travel for a few weeks. You can easily fold it in a compact size and throw it at the back of your SUV.

The 6-inch tri-fold mattress once completely spread out, will measure 73 inches in length and 52 inches in width. Folding it down will make the mattress 52 inches long and 25 inches wide. You can machine wash its removable soft cover that prolongs its durability and keeps the inner layers extra safe.

Inofia’s tri-fold memory foam mattress, although perfect for sleepovers, serves a wide range of purposes such as your spare guest bed, RV/camping bed, dorm room bed, or a comfortable play-over station for your kids.

If you’re running low on money, spreading an artistic bed sheet with matching pillows will bring an expensive look to your home!

Pros and Cons


  • Multi-purpose transportable mattress with pressure relief formula
  • 1.5″ memory foam layers over a supportive 4.5″ base foam
  • Dust and mite resistant, hypoallergenic & antibacterial
  • All materials are free of toxins


  • Medium-firm feel

What to Look for before Buying

Whether you are trying out memory foam mattresses for the first time or switching to a better one, it’s always better to check them against the specs below!

Mattress in a Box

The reason why we have our eyes on compressed mattresses is that you don’t have to think about paying a ridiculous amount of shipping fee and then taking a crack to set it up on your bed.

Unroll it flat, set it on your bed, and wait it out. Within two days, your memory foam mattress will rise to its full glory and give you many many years of uncompromised comfort!

Temperature Control Features

Heat regulation is a premium feature of well-made memory foam mattresses, and it would be unwise to settle for a mattress that does not have it. See, memory foam mattresses use your body heat for gently molding to your body contours.

That said, some may retain the heat and create a quite uncomfortable sleeping environment for you. As a result, you might wake up to something like a hot flush in the middle of the night.

So, looking out for the mattresses’ take on heat dissipation will go a long way!

Ergonomic Design

Memory foam mattresses feature multiple layers of foam, all of which are there for luring you to the best night of sleep. For example, the 12 inch Queen mattress by Inofia has 7 layers of foam to keep your body at ease.

The memory foam receives your body heat and molds to your body shape, while the layer below has pressure-relieving properties. You will notice the improvement in your back aches or neck pain after bringing a memory foam bed to your humble abode!

From layers of foamy goodness to the bouncy comfort springs below, a hybrid memory foam mattress will help you wake up refreshed and full of energy!

Eco-Friendly Mattress

Memory foam mattresses, although made of far more sophisticated and temperature-sensitive urethane material, are surprisingly eco-friendly!

Take an Inofia mattress, for example. They are skillfully manufactured without ozone depleters, formaldehyde, heavy metals, TCEP, and phthalates!

Motion Isolation Quality

If you’re quite the mover in bed and regularly find yourself waking up as if you were amidst a Fortnite dance, you are sure to love the motion-isolation feature in a memory foam mattress.

Even if your partner is just as feisty as you are or your energetic pet is wreaking havoc on your bed, you can sleep snugly in peace!    


Skin-Friendly Materials 

While it is true that many of us are dealing with allergy issues, a memory foam mattress already has the perfect solution. Since they are made of polyurethane, a material that keeps away dust mites and bacteria, memory foam mattresses are the safest to use!

The Perfect Softness

Whether you like your bed to be ultra-plush, plush, medium-firm, or firm, you have a lot of options to choose from.

If you have a history of back pains, going for a medium-firm option to prevent sinking in your bed will keep you relaxed and supported by all individual points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best Inofia mattresses:

What are some benefits of a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses can relieve back pains and promote deep sleep. They alleviate pressure points build-up. You also don’t feel any bump in the springs below.

Will the Inofia memory foam mattress relieve my back pain?

Yes, memory foam mattresses sport an ergonomic mechanism and several layers of foam that actively cradle your body and align your spine.

Does the Inofia comfort foam mattress get hot?

Inofia memory foam mattresses feature a breathable top cover, encased coils for better airflow within the mattress, and finally mesh sides for releasing any trapped heat! This three-part measure truly stands out for restful sleep after a long day.

Can Inofia mattress help me sleep better?

Their unmatched heat dissipation technique coupled with supportive foam layers helps you sleep better. That said, an Inofia mattress will be quite the investment in your bedtime regimen.

What’s different with Inofia mattresses?

Inofia has given extra attention to your comfort with their encased coils for better airflow, a high-density base that neither lets you stay rigid nor makes you sink in, and finally, the comfort springs for all-over medium-firm support.

Is Inofia mattress made in USA?

Yes, Inofia Hybrid Mattress is made in the USA to meet your needs. Inofia offers a 100-night sleep trial as well as 10-year warranty.

Final Words

This was our rundown on top 5 Inofia mattresses you can get your hands on. We hope that our Inofia mattress reviews will help you complete the memory foam bed you have always wished for. Happy shopping!

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