How to Sleep on a Pillow? Best Sleeping Position

Are you finding it difficult to get hold of a comfortable sleeping position? Do you suffer from backache or neck ache?
Do you know the way you sleep on a pillow can make a big difference? And do you know that your shoulders are not supposed to sleep on your pillow?
You should push down your pillow next to your shoulders. If you are a back sleeper but don’t lay your shoulders on the pillow. When your head is on the pillow, it should be level. Your shoulders should be in a parallel line with your ears. The pillow should not be so thick that your chin is pushed into your chest. And it should also not be so flat that your chin is high in the air. The muscles in the neck are relaxed and will wake rested when the chin is in a neutral position. If you sleep on your side the same stand true. You want your chin in a neutral position.
If the head is tilted to the right or left or rotated. Muscles are contracted and will feel tight when wake up. So, don’t use your shoulders as a pillow. Lay your head on the pillow and pull down the pillow to your shoulder. Don’t elevate your shoulder toward your ear or pillow. If you do that, the muscles in the shoulder, upper back, and neck get tight and irritated. It can even make the ribs misaligned and it can become pretty painful with daily use of the arms, neck motion and more.
Here you can find how to sleep on a pillow, so your niggling pains don’t get worse. We will cover how to sleep on a pillow and how important it is to use the correct pillow position while sleeping.

Should you sleep with a pillow?

First things first, do you prefer sleeping flat without a pillow or sleeping with two or one big plumped up pillows?
There is a school of thought that pillow less sleeping is better for the alignment of your spine and neck. As it allows your body to find the best position for it to rest. If you select a pillow that doesn’t provide enough support, it could put extra strain on the muscles and tendons in your neck and shoulder which, if not checked, may lead to chronic pain.
However, many people realize that they can’t get used to sleeping flat without a pillow. Perhaps they don’t like to sleep on their back or they don’t find it comfortable. If so, it is better to learn how to sleep on a pillow and find the most comfortable and healthiest pillow depending on the position you prefer to sleep in.

How to sleep on a pillow regardless of the position you sleep in?

Whether you prefer to sleep on your back or your side, often the best pillow for neck pain is the one that provides great support for your head while making sure your spine and neck are kept in alignment. Any additional pressure on your neck is likely to either cause neck pain if your neck is bent unnaturally for an extended period of time or interfere with your airways if your chin tilts towards your chest.

Ideal pillow for a side sleeper

If you prefer to sleep on your side, the ideal pillow will be one that has the right thickness to fill the space between the bed and your head, keeping your neck and head straight in line with your spine. Ideal pillows for side sleepers are neither too soft nor too thin because otherwise, your head will lean downwards which will put strain on your neck. Similarly, if you select a pillow that is too plump, your neck will bend in the opposite direction.
A side sleeping body pillow or pregnancy pillow could work excellently to keep everything in line and your head at the appropriate height.

Ideal pillow for a back sleeper

The ideal pillows for sleeping on your back are those that are soft in the middle. But firm around the edges. This is because the natural curve of your neck needs to be supported to avoid pain. While allowing your head to drop into the pillow without tilting too far backward.
You can also buy molded neck support pillows, but the expense might not be needed. If you are a back sleeper, a wool pillow of the right thickness can be the best pillow for neck pain as it will cradle your head while providing your neck and spine the needed support.

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