How to Measure a Pillow Full Guides

This guide here will guide you on the principles, steps, and guidelines on how to measure a pillow.

Pillows are one of the most elegant indoor and outdoor cushions. It is a piece of balance provider that everybody loves and accepts. It’s soft texture, rebound, and tender feeling provide a comfortable and resting auspice to comfort lovers.

However, nothing lasts forever. The same goes for a comforting pillow. No matter how good a pillow is, it also has its breaking time. Eventually, it will lose its texture and the soft cushion fillings over time. As a result, to get the previously experienced comfort feeling, the need to modify or replace these soft objects will become necessary.

That said, the majority of the people often opt to replace the pillow and because of this, the need for measuring a pillow arises.

When measuring a pillow for order, many vital factors pose a challenge to the customer. One of the most important ones is figuring out its measurement. And to figure out that dilemma, you need measuring techniques, skills, and tools that can be used to obtain the proper result. And with these measuring requirements, which are not known to everyone, arise the question of ‘how to measure a pillow?’

Measuring Tool for how to measure a pillow

how to measure a pillow

The type of equipment and tools that are used for measuring a pillow is vital to the result you wish to get. That’s because, improper measuring tool will give you a false conclusion. Which will lead to an ordered pillow that will be incompatible with the filling or an over sized cushion-pillow that lags.

When you measure a pillow. It is recommended to use a firm measuring tape rather than a fragile or fold able measuring tape. To get a precise reading and accurate measurement, a carpenter’s measuring tape is recommended rather than a tailor’s measuring tape.

The advantage of using a firm measuring tape is. It is the kind of tape that is steady and unwavering and will precisely capture the dimensions of the pillow, unlike the elastic and unsteady measuring tapes.

When you take measurement readings, always approximate to the nearest round number

For the sake of convenience, you should always approximate the readings or measurements to the nearest whole number that you get from the tape. The reasons why you should do this are:

  • To give the manufacturer that has your order in process adequate allowance when the pillow is being packed with its fillings and seamed.
  • To minimize the error risks that could arise because of raw data reading.
  • Because most of the pillow manufacturers have various sizes of pillows in the whole number that they hold on to with confidence. For example, a 20″ by 20″ size pillow, a 10″ by 10″ size pillow, etc.

Fully Stretched the Pillow While You Measure it

When measuring a pillow, stretching the pillow is one of the essential things to do if you want to avert error and have a correct reading. The most fundamental motivation behind stretching the pillow is to acquire the correct dimensional reading.

Otherwise, if you use a shrunk-pillow. What you will get is an inaccurate pillow measurement that will be too small for the manufacturer’s production or your use.

Set the Firm Measuring Tape on the Floor, to Get your Reading, Place the Stretched-Out Pillow

For a good pillow measurement, this particular step is highly essential. To do this and get the correct result. Set the firm measuring tape on the floor or any other flat surface. Move the stretched-out pillow over (with the intended dimension) on the face of the tape. In such a way that you can still see the reading on the tape. Now, take your dimensions of the measurement of the tape.

Do Not Measure Diagonally or from the Center of the Pillow

Most times, people who want to buy a new pillow, place orders online. There are also many that go to the store to buy a brand new pillow from the store. However, everyone looking to buy a new pillow is often faced with the hitch of how to measure the dimensions of a cushion, and often with questions such as ‘should I measure it diagonally or from the center, or top to bottom, or transversely, or crisscross.

Here are the right answers for your itch. Do not measure the pillow from the center to top or bottom, diagonally, transversely. Also, not is a crisscross method. Measure the pillow from side to side. That is, from one side or end along it’s rectangular or square vertex to the other. The way, you will get the width and height dimension of the pillow.

How to Measure a Pillow Final Words

Whatever type of pillow you wish to get, make sure that it fits your sofa or any type of outdoor furniture to the large and medium ones of your bed, measuring a pillow to replace the old one will be a natural process or step for you.

Therefore, get familiar with the nitty-gritty of measuring these relaxing soft cushions.

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