How to Clean Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are exquisite piece of home decor. They not only provide beauty to your room, but also offer several health benefits. And if you properly take care of them, they can last for a lifetime.

Here is How to Clean Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

How to clean your Himalayan salt lamp

One of the major challenges with salt lamps is that they draw moisture. It is important that you don’t use them outdoors or in wet areas. In high humidity, you may notice your lamp feels damp. You can turn it on for a couple of hours to allow the moisture to evaporate or you can simply wipe it dry with soft cloth.

Lamps that are unused can be covered with a protective layer to prevent unwanted dust buildup. Covering with a cloth or paper bag is fine, but you should avoid plastic as it can hold in humidity and moisture.

If you use your lamp regularly, it will require less cleaning. When the lamp is lit, it generates negative ions which clean the air as well as naturally repel dust. If cleaning becomes necessary, a simple wipe with a lightly damp lint-free towel will do. Light it for two hours after cleaning to make sure it is fully dry.

If your salt lamp is the type that has a basket along with several chunks of salt, then regularly turn the pieces to prevent dust buildup and check for moisture. The salt will begin to crystallize when salt lamps get moist. If you witness this, you should move the lamp to a dryer area or you can also use it more frequently to dry it out.

The lamp’s ability to keep your air clean is more important than having a clean lamp. Many homes contain up to five times more pollution than outside. The salt lamps emit negative ions. That naturally attract pollutants with a positive ion charge and reduce their effect, helping your inhaling easier. This relieves congestion and allergies without the need for costly machines.

If you have ever taken a walk on the beach or walked outside right after a rain and immediately felt energized and refreshed, that was because of the negative ion charge in the air. And a salt lamp can bring these feelings indoors to your work or home space, which will create appealing environment and make it easier to focus.

Himalayan salt lamps are a beautiful, yet cost-effective way of purifying air. Plus, they provide a warm, soft glow as well as a soothing ambiance wherever they are lit. So every one need know how to clean your himalayan salt lamp.

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