How to Clean Foam Mattress Topper

Keeping the place clean where you enjoy relaxing sleep and occasional naps is very important. It is not only because of hygiene but also to keep allergies away. So, you must be thinking about how to clean foam mattress topper.

Because, you really don’t want to wake up in the morning and see pesky stains all over your mattress topper. And given the delicate formation of the memory foam in the mattress topper, you simply cannot just toss it in the washing machine. As the centrifugal force of the washing machine can cause damage to the fine structure of the foam and the foam could tear apart when soaked. That’s why you need to take a different approach.

Here are Three Methods How to Clean Foam Mattress Topper

how to clean foam mattress topper

There are three easy methods you can try to clean your mattress topper, so keep reading to find out how.

Well, before starting, there are certain steps you should take. For starters, make sure the topper is in the proper position for the cleaning process. If the stains are awful, you may need to remove it from the bed, and put it somewhere where you can easily clean and dry it.

In a number of cases, it takes a long time for a mattress topper to dry. Make sure you place it in a well-ventilated area so that it can dry faster and completely.

Vacuum it often

You can simply clean it with your vacuum to remove all the grime and dust and prevent micro-organism from forming on the surface and possibly even within its airy structure. Place the topper on an even surface, this will allow your vacuum cleaner to reach all the spots. It is advisable to use water-based vacuum cleaners, and before using, make sure you leave your topper to dry for several hours.

Vacuuming regularly will save you a lot of effort as well as time. Plus, this prevents spills from becoming hard-to-clean stains. You don’t have to vacuum it every other day to keep it in top condition, once every week should be enough. For the best result, make sure you vacuum both sides of the topper.

Use the right solution to spot clean with ease

Use vinegar and water solution to get rid of the stain. After that, to clean the rest of it, you can use the same washing detergent you use to clean cloths. You can decide when whether you want to use liquid or regular washing detergent.

Mix the detergent with water, and apply it gently to the stained area. And make sure you have dissolved the detergent with water because leaving tiny detergent particles during the cleaning process will harm the surface of your mattress topper.

Rub the detergent using circular hand movements to penetrate into the stain to clean it from inside. In order to chemically dissolve stains and other impurities, leave the detergent on the stain for about half an hour. Generally, it is advised to work on the stains until they get completely dissolve by detergent. You can repeat the process for a better result.

Using baking soda to remove stains

Water mixed with baking soda is another excellent natural solution for cleaning stubborn stains. Baking soda is an essential ingredient for every household and can be used for many purposes. So, when you need it for cleaning, chances are you already have it in your kitchen.

In two parts of cold water, mix one-part baking soda. Keep stirring until you dissolve the baking soda and the solution gets a white, milky color. Start working on the stains by doing gentle movements with your hand. Keep repeating the process until you get enough solution on the stain and the area around the stain. Soak it for about half an hour. After that, remove the solution using a mildly damp cloth, and then use a dry paper towel or cloth to remove the remaining water.

If you have more difficult stains or odors on your topper, it is recommended to use a different approach. Because the stubborn the stains are, the more time they will take to vanish.

For food and beverage spills or bloodstains, it is recommended to use an enzyme-based solution. You might know that hydrogen peroxide is suggested for removing bloodstains. This is totally wrong, plus, it will damage the surface of your foam mattress topper. So, you should avoid it at all costs.

Enzyme based cleaning solutions are the most-effective ones for removing and dissolving the more relentless organic-based stains. They break the structure of the stains from the inside and make them easy to remove and clean up.

You can easily remove odor with vacuum cleaners and a water/detergent mix. It takes a few extra turns to completely get rid of the odor from the topper. It is also recommended to expose the topper to direct sunlight for short periods of time because the heat and the radiation of the sun will remove most of the odor without you having to do a single thing. Keeping the topper in the sun will also help to evaporate all the remaining water that might have entered during cleaning.

For effortless cleaning, use a mattress topper cover

You can use covers for your mattress toppers to keep them in perfect shape. Plus, you can wash the covers in the washing machine, which enables you to keep the mattress topper clean and in unspoiled condition. Unlike toppers, you can clean covers as often as you want without having to worry about the danger of damage. This saves your mattress topper as well as time.

You can use cotton covers as they are softer and feels great under the skin. Covers are the best way to keep your bedding clean and in the finest condition with the least effort and time spent. how to clean foam mattress topper article helpful or not. If the helpful please shear this article with your friends.

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