Does Crib Bedding Fit Toddler Bed

One question a lot of parents have is, “does crib bedding fit toddler bed”, yes, it does, if the crib mattress is of suitable size.

Most crib mattresses, in fact, are the same dimension as a toddler mattress. Some cribs can be converted into toddler beds once the child is old enough. You don’t have to change the mattress, just remove some rails and it is all set.

The only real distinction between the two is that toddler’s beds have more blankets and sheet than a crib, and also, are less confined. Many crib mattresses can be used for a long time until your child is ready for a proper bed.

However, there is a ‘but’ – not all crib mattresses are suitable for toddlers. Why is that? There are a few reasons as detailed below.

Here are Some Reasons for Does Crib Bedding Fit Toddler Bed.

Does Crib Bedding Fit Toddler Bed

Not All Are Alike

Contrary to popular beliefs, not all crib mattresses are the same, which means not all of them can be used in a toddler bed.


Old mattresses become contaminated with dust, bedbugs, molds, mites and various forms of unsanitary substances. This also goes for baby mattresses as well as adult mattresses. The more wear and tear on a mattress, such as small tears, loose threads, holes, and continual damp patches, the more it is likely to become unsanitary.

Once bacteria and bedbugs get past the mattress cover, they are not easy to remove. Even small babies shed the skin cells and on that dust mite thrive. Although dust mites do not cause harm to you directly, they can cause allergies which can. If toddlers come into contact with dust mites, they can react badly, and we all know the damage that bedbugs can do to tender, soft skin.

The best thing to do before you make a decision to put the crib mattress on the toddler bed is to check for these defects. If you see them, get a new mattress for your toddler.

Lack of Support

As mattresses are used for a long time eventually, they tend to sag, especially if it is made of crummy springs or cheap foam. A toddler’s mattress should be firm enough to provide support for the child at this stage in his or her life. At this stage, they grow fast and their spine should be properly supported when sleeping. Some baby mattresses are made of fairly thin foam and can lose support or quickly sag. Even spring cot mattresses can lose their support – many are made of weak, thin springs that have a short life.

Search for mattresses that are made to be used for toddler and baby. They are often fabricated as mentioned above: one harder side for the toddler and a soft side for baby. Nonetheless, before changing its use, always give the mattress a good inspection. If it seems to be sagging or losing support in the middle, it would be best to purchase a new mattress. Don’t take chances with growing toddlers.

Harmful Chemicals

Chemical health risk isn’t something that specifically applies to reuse of a crib mattress for a toddler, but it’s still something to be careful about. Maybe you didn’t consider it when you were buying your crib mattress, or it may have come with the crib when you purchased it.

Look for the CertiPUR label if you are buying your mattress in the US. This label means the product has been tested for quality and durability to get the certification and is low in VOC content (Volatile Organic Compounds) and heavy metals.

To find out more about what the certification means, visit the CertiPUR-US website. If your crib mattress has such certification, then it should be safer to reuse it for your toddler. However, CertiPUR-US applies to the USA, as for other countries, they have their own form of approved labeling.

Being Ready

If you are planning on reusing the mattress in the future, there are several things you can do to make sure the mattress is going to hold up long enough to be used in a toddler bed.

Density is Crucial

Denser means better. The heavy foam mattresses tend to be more dense and firm. It is important because if it’s really dense, it is not going to sag or break down as fast as a thinner mattress would. A simple way to test this is to give it the squeeze test. All you have to do is press your hands together on the sides of the mattress and if you are able to push too easily, it is not going last for a long time. If the mattress is nice and dense, it won’t have much slack to it.

Coil Count for Innerspring

The coils are made from steel so innerspring mattresses are normally more durable than foam. These coils are made to withstand a lot of pressure over time. Typically, a better coil count to ensure support and long lasting. For lot of  years would be around 150 coils with a gauge of 15.5 or lower. Lower gauge means thicker steel.

Another thing you should look for is the coil borders. The coil will wrap around the border of the mattress. This will help the edges to stay sound for a longer period.

Go Green

The CertiPUR-US certification is the best thing you can look for while buying a mattress. Because this certification means it has been tested for quality and they are normally low on VOCs and contain all-natural material.

Waterproof or Machine Washable

Babies are going to pee, throw up, poop, and spill sippy cups and bottles on their mattresses. Having a waterproof or washable mattress makes cleaning a lot easier and it helps you keep the mattress clean and healthier for a long period.

Does Crib Bedding Fit Toddler Bed Final Thoughts

So, can you use a crib mattress on a toddler’s bed? Yes, you can, but make sure you check it over thoroughly. Machine-washable baby mattresses are most likely to able to be reused in this way. And those with waterproof covers are most likely to endure. Do not use a baby mattress in a toddler bed if it seems to be broken or sagging in any way, or if it is heavily stained.

Make sure you give it a good inspection and clean. carefully check it over for molds, small black spots that may indicate bedbugs, tears in the cover and vacuum it. If you have the least of doubts about the condition of the mattress, then get a new one for your toddler. Don’t take chances.

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