Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow Review

The Coop Home Goods company is a very popular name. And the Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow is another one of their excellent resting product. It is one of the top-tier products in the market of sleeping accessories. This pillow is filled with shredded memory foam, and sleeping on it should be a very cool and comfortable experience. What are the features that make a pillow comfortable? In this Coop Home Goods Eden pillow review, you will see a list of features that makes this pillow a comfortable as well as a great choice for your head to rest on.

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Here is Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow Review

Benefits and Features

The features of a pillow help you determine whether it would be a great fit for your head to rest on or not. They highlight the benefits you may experience from the product. Below are some of the notable features of this pillow and the benefits they may offer.

Adjustable Gel Infused Shredded Memory Foam and Polyfill Blend

Rather than using leftover scraps from other products, Coop uses fresh foam for their pillows. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified, which means no flame retardants or harsh chemicals are used in its construction. The pillow is made with gel-infused memory foam that provides even distribution through the pillow. This gel-infused foam has the ability to draw heat from the body, providing a cooling effect.

And to provide a way to keep the foam equally distributed, it is mixed with a polyfill. This also keeps it feeling lofty and plush. It helps to increase the airflow through the shredded foam, and when you use it, it keeps it from compressing too tightly together.

Easy Loft Adjustment

Inside the pillow cover, there is another casing that houses the filling. This makes it easy to add or remove the filling to the pillow. Each pillow comes with an extra ½ bag of fill that you can use to get a higher loft if needed.

Different sleeping position requires different loft. The fact that you are able to adjust the loft on this pillow means that the pillow is going to be applicable and useful for multiple types of sleepers.

Just add or remove fill to reach your ideal loft level for healthy sleep posture and night’s sleep.

Bamboo Blend Casing

The case is made with the company’s proprietary Lulltra fabric. It is a blend of bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester that provides softness and breathability. It gives a unique, smooth feel to the pillow surface. This is also slightly stretchy, allowing you the movements required to more naturally get the support you need. This also adjusts to your unique body height and weight.

It is also hypoallergenic & dust mite resistant as well. The cooling helps to keep away moisture and provides good airflow. The brand name is sewn into the case. The quilting helps to keep the material from gathering and allows it to go through the washer and dryer without pilling or wearing thin.

Breathable Side Gusset

The 2-inch gusset design is a great addition to the pillow. This design helps to increase the airflow through its use of a finely meshed material, and also keeps the distribution of the fill even when in use.

This not only allows the pillow to keep its shape but also provides the required support under the head and neck – especially if used in the side sleeping position. When you are sleeping on your side, the neck requires a bit of attention. For this reason, gussets are popular with side sleepers. And this shaping helps to keep the fill between the shoulders and the head where it belongs.

Interlock Inner Casing

The inner lining comes with the interlock polyester fabric, which securely holds the filling within without letting it out through the zipper or seams, and it also helps keep air flowing. This is a lightweight and flexible case and does not disrupt the movement of the foam fiber blend filling within. It also doesn’t add to the profile. The case is also washable, which is very important as it allows you to clean the thing you put your face on.


Both zippers are well sewn as well as lay flat against their particular casing. They are not obviously felt. They don’t interrupt any adjustability needs you might have. Also don’t interrupt any shaping.

The outer zipper is well hidden within the seam and gives the pillow a tight closing, which is not difficult to distinguish from the rest of the pillow. This nice little detail speaks about the attention to the detail the company provides to its products.

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Now, in this Coop Home Goods Eden pillow review, let’s talk about the sizes you can get for this pillow. The company offers standard, queen, and king size measurements. The dimension of the queen size pillow is 17.99 x 5.98 x 5.98 inches. The pillow is not heavy or flat and should give the sleeper a different level of feel.

Pillow Care

Although the pillow is made of shredded memory foam, the whole pillow is machine washable. First, you need to remove the outer cover, and then zip the inner cover up to avoid spilling of any filling. You can launder the entire pillow.

However, foams can degrade if kept wet, so it is vital that you dry it completely.

Warranty and Sleep Trial

This pillow from Coop comes with a 5 year warranty. This protects against material degradation over time and poor workmanship.

The company also offers a very generous sleep trial period. The duration of the trial is 100 nights, so if you don’t fall in love with this pillow within this time, you return it for a full refund. This means you can purchase this pillow with confidence.


The odor emitting from a pillow is neither a feature nor a benefit. But to disclose all facts about the pillow, let’s talk about its odor.

Generally, new products tend to have an odor. Many customer have said in their Coop Home Goods Eden pillow review that the pillow gives away a pretty strong odor when you first unpack it. So, before buying it, think whether you will be able to tolerate the smell at first.

Pros and Cons


  • Sleeps cool and comfortable
  • Stuffed with shredded memory foam
  • Adjustable loft
  • The entire pillow is machine washable
  • Technically suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Super soft, breathable cover
  • Comes with extra filling
  • 5 years warranty and a long sleep trial period


  • Some initial odor might be present
  • A little on the pricey side


Q: What is the Coop Eden pillow made of?

A: The Coop Eden pillow cover is made with their proprietary Lulltra™ fabric that is designed to be very breathable. The filling of the pillow is a cooling gel memory foam, as well as microfiber fill.

Q: What sizes does the Coop Eden pillow come in?

A: The Coop Eden pillow comes in three sizes – King (20”x36”), Queen (20”x30”), and Standard (20”x26”).

Q: Is the loft adjustable?

A: Yes, it is. You can put in or take out fill to adjust the loft to your liking.

Q: Is the Eden Coop pillow washable?

A: Yes, it is. Both the removable cover and the inner pillow of the Coop Eden pillow are machine washable.


From this Coop Home Goods Eden pillow review, it is safe to say that this pillow is best of both worlds. It provides a soft and lump-free feeling credit to those polyester microfibers. Also provides nice support and pressure relief from the gel-infused memory foam.

And as it is adjustable, this pillow can work for all sleep positions. Heavier or bigger individuals who need a big pillow can put in more filling to adjust the pillow to their preference.

The pillow offers three sizes and is a little on the expensive side; however, you also get a 5 year warranty and a 100 night sleep trial.

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