Coleman Air Mattress Review 2021

If you are looking for a comfortable yet easily portable camping bed, then the Coleman Airbed Cot Queen with Side Tables and 4D Battery Pump could be the sleeping solution for you. This air mattress stays off the ground, protecting you from the damp, cold surface and from the fear of insects creeping onto your bed as well. It will serve your purpose perfectly. It is one of the best self inflatable air mattresses for camping.

The cot and the mattress can also be used separately, which will provide sleeping space for four individuals. This package is made from durable and best quality material. Plus, the pricing is very affordable. Keep reading this Coleman Air Mattress review to find out more about this airbed.

Here is Coleman Air Mattress Review


The coil construction of this airbed offers strong support. It employs Comfort Strong coil construction that provides an even sleeping surface with perfect firmness across the entire mattress area. This coil construction contours to the body of the sleeper for better support.

These air coils hold together the top and bottom surfaces without leaving scope for any uneven bulges or pop-ups even when the mattress is completely inflated to its firmness level limit.

The coil construction on this airbed provides desired firmness, perfect support, and even weight distribution across the total sleeping surface without resulting in redundant sagging or drifting of the mattress.

Comfort Level

The most alluring feature of this air mattress is its design. Its Comfort Strong coil construction makes it a very comfortable bed for sleeping.

It is primarily designed for both outdoor and indoor use. Even when you are camping outdoors, this air mattress allows you to experience comfort like your regular home bed. All you have to do is just spread the airbed cot with inflated mattress and place the cup holders on the side.

You can also separate the air mattress from the cot to create an extra double sleeping space. This mattress will allow two people to sleep on the mattress and two on the cot.

Height Advantage

When you go on camping with your family or friends, the fear of insects creeping onto your bed is one of the most bothering things. You don’t want the feeling of fear when you are asleep after a tiresome day. But with this camping bed, you don’t have to worry about insects crawling on you.

The advantage with this airbed is you can place the mattress on the cot and have a comfortable sleep while you are at a height of 22 inches higher than the ground. You read it right, 22 inches above the ground with the cot and the air mattress also adds 8.5 inches when fully inflated. Perhaps there is any mattress that offers such a height advantage.

The height of the cot also allows you to place your belongings, such as camping gears or other big stuff underneath the frame. And there is also the option to use the cot and mattress separately, which will avail double sleeping space for the cost of a single airbed.

Plus, if you are on a hiking trip where carrying the mattress and cot might be somewhat heavy, then you can just leave the cot behind and pack the deflated air mattress with the pump.

4D Pump and Inflation

A 4D battery pump is included with the Coleman cot air mattress. The pump is quite powerful and can inflate the mattress to its full capacity within about 2 to 3 minutes.

The other feature of the mattress that adds to the comfort level is the double lock valve. The airbed is made from the airtight system that features a Double Lock Valve for easy inflation. All you have to do is connect the 4D battery pump to the double lock valve for easy inflation and disconnect it when the mattress reaches your desired firmness.

The factory tested airtight system, and the double lock valve should hold the air all night without leaking. The mattress shouldn’t require re-inflation overnight. The only situation that the mattress needs re-inflation is the time when you inflate it for the first time because the PVC material stretches a bit when you use it for the first time.


If you want a versatile as well as a durable airbed, then the Coleman Queen Airbed is for you. The frame of this airbed is made from durable steel, and it is capable of supporting weights up to 600lbs, which means it can accommodate two people easily.

And to maintain its longevity, all you need to do is just use and store the airbed as instructed in the manual.

The steel frame of this air mattress is strong and can survive camping grounds and uneven terrains. It should remain perfectly sturdy without the frame making any unruly noises.

On top of the frame, the sheet is made from canvas material. There is also a thin cotton sleeve with a zipper that is permanently stitched to the canvas of the frame.

colman air mattress

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As we have already mentioned in our Coleman Air Mattress review, it can support up to 600lbs, which means two people can sleep on it comfortably.

Ease of Use

When the mattress is slid into the sleeve and zipped closed, the frame holds onto the air mattress perfectly and prevents it from drifting and sliding sideways.

A steel bar runs through the center of the cot. So, if one person occupies the whole area without the mattress on, he might be left to prefer either of the sides for a comfy sleep. However, if two people are sleeping on the empty cot, they can sleep on both sides without any issues.

Overall, when the cot and the mattress are separated, four people will be able to sleep on them comfortably – two on the mattress and two on the cot.

For added convenience, there are two side tables designed to hold cups and water bottles. These side tables are detachable, so you need to hook them to the frame when and if you intend to use them. These decent sized side tables have enough space to even hold mobiles, books, or other small items.

The entire frame can be folded and fits easily in the large carry bag along with the 4D battery pump and the deflated air mattress, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use. Plus, to make it more portable, the carry bag has wheels that allow you to easily stroll it around without much physical effort.

And when you are in a hurry and fast packing is needed, you can fully deflate the air mattress while it is still inside the cotton sleeve, then fold the frame back without pulling it out.

Mattress Material

Air mattress is made of PVC material and allows stretching. Inflate it to its maximum size a few hours before you use it for the first time and sleep on it for a while. This helps the material to stretch and open up for added air to reach its maximum air capacity.

The durable PVC material is safe to sleep on since the mattress is zipped inside the cotton sleeve, therefore, eliminating the concern about the disadvantages of sleeping on PVC material. If you are using it separately, it would be better to place a queen size cover over it.

The mattress doesn’t come with a flocked top, but the coil based interior construction evenly distributes the weight across the entire sleeping surface without the possibility of sagging, sinking, or drifting.


This product comes with a one year limited warranty. When you receive it, be sure to test it before storage. Otherwise, if you use it for the first time when you have guests or the day you plan to go camping, and you notice any issue, then your plans could get spoiled.

That’s why you should check and inspect your product when it is delivered. This will give you adequate time for filing a complaint and getting a replacement.

Pros and Cons


  • This sturdy airbed boasts a steel frame
  • The steel frame folds and unfolds easily
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • The separable cot and airbed offers double sleeping space
  • The coil craftsmanship provides an even sleeping surface and support for your back
  • Airtight valves keep the firmness level all through the night
  • Comes with a 4D battery pump that can inflate and deflate within around 3 minutes
  • Comes with side tables for convenient
  • Budget-friendly compared to similar airbeds
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty


  • Some people may find it to be heavy for serious adventure, camping, and hiking

Let’s Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions About Coleman Air Mattress Review

Q: Does the mattress come with a built-in pump?

A: Yes, the Coleman air mattress comes with a 4D battery powered pump that helps in both inflation and deflation of the airbed. However, you need to purchase the batteries separately.

Q: What are the dimensions of the mattress?

A: When inflated, the Coleman queen cot with air mattress measures 78″ x 22″ x 59″ inches.

Q: What is the weight and height of this mattress?

A: After the steel frame is set up, the cot of this Coleman air mattress stands at 22 inches above the ground with an additional 8.5 inches of fully inflated air mattress height.

The mattress and the cot together weigh around 40 pounds in the carry bag.

Q: Does this mattress come with a warranty?

A: The Coleman airbed offers a 1 year limited warranty.

Q: Does the mattress come with a carry bag?

A: A large enough carry bag is provided with the mattress. Both the cot and the air mattress should fit in comfortably.


You can understand how great this airbed is from our Coleman air mattress review. If you are looking for a sleeping solution for your guests or for your camping trip. The Coleman queen airbed cot with side tables and 4D battery pump is a great package. It comes with a powerful 4D battery plus double space and double lock valve. They can be used separately to provide sleeping space for four. Setting the fold able steel frame cot as well as the airbed is also very easy. Product is made from durable and best quality material, and the pricing is also quite affordable. In addition, it offers a 1 year limited warranty to make it an excellent choice.

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