Best Bullbird Travel Pillow Review

When you are on a long flight, always one of the must-have items is a supportive travel pillow. For every type of seat sleeper, there are a lot of uniquely designed travel pillows available on the market. And the ergonomically designed travel pillow from Bullbird is one of the best travel pillows because of its high tech design and compact size. Keep reading this Bullbird travel pillow review to find out more about this pillow.

Bullbird Travel Pillow Review Overview

The BR2 Travel Pillow from Bullbird supports your neck and also takes very little space. It is designed to support spinal alignment and correct posture so you can get better sleep on the plane and feel relaxed once you land.


The frame of this pillow is ergonomically designed and provides suspension for your head as well as aligns your neck. This travel pillow drastically improves the comfort of an airplane seat. The more recent version of this travel pillow also comes with a strap and toggle, which allows you to adjust the pillow’s tightness against your neck.

In addition to its high tech design, the standout feature of this travel pillow is that it is impressively compact. It can fit easily in a carry-on or backpack without adding extra bulk. The pillow is made of tri-blend memory foam, and the fabric wicks away moisture. This pillow has a combination of plastic and foam that has a grab handle in its center. It doesn’t have much in the middle because it is essentially there to support the head, neck, and back of the traveler.

Pillow in Use

This is a filler pillow. Instead of cradling your head, this pillow tries to fill the space between the user’s neck and an airline seat’s headrest. Its ergonomic design keeps proper alignment while you relax and promote better posture. This travel pillow also has an integrated strap system with adjustable toggle. This allows you to regulate how tightly you want the BR2 travel pillow to stay against your back of the neck. You can also use this pillow while you sit on your couch and relax or when you are in your bed reading a book.

And while you rest upright, this bullbird pillow aligns your C1 – C7 vertebrae. If you rest upright improperly, your neck is pulling on the tendons and muscles responsible for neck and head control. The Bullbird travel pillow provides correct upright sleeping alignment and posture and reduces the stresses of travel on the body.

The engineered frame of this bullbird neck pillow also eliminates during and after travel pains by aligning your neck and supporting your skull. And to make it more perfect as your travel companion, it is 80% smaller than traditional travel pillows.

Pros and Cons

  • Ergonomically designed frame
  • Improves the comfort of an airplane seat
  • High tech design and compact size
  • You can adjust the tightness
  • Provides correct upright sleeping alignment and posture
  • Reduces the stresses of travel on the body

  • Some customer complained about the pillow not staying in place

Final Thoughts

It feels nice to get some sleep while you travel long-distance. However, without proper support, it is not possible to get a relaxing sleep while traveling. That is where the Bullbird travel pillow can assist you. It can provide a relaxing position as well as correct upright sleeping alignment and posture for your head and neck. It is a high-tech travel pillow and also compact, so it is easy to carry around. You can also get this to support your head and neck while you relax at home.

However, some customers complained that it did not stay in place; therefore, did not provide support. But there are many happy customers online who seem to like it a lot. That’s it for the Bullbird travel pillow review. We hope you have a relaxing journey with this pillow.

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