7 Ideas for The Best Moon Lamps Ultimate Guide

How do you choose a moon among these many in the market? A question to which we are here to give answer.Let us give you a tour of the best moon lamps review.

Have you ever imagined how cool it would be to own a moon? Something that you never thought to be possible. To touch that lunar glow you thought as magical and out of reach, it no longer has to be!

Of course, we cannot bring the real moon to you. That would cause quite a fuss. However, with the help of modern 3D art designs and materials, a glowing moon can be within your reach.

A moon lamp is such a creation of bringing realistic objects into the palms of your hands quite literally. And the world will not even have to go to galactic wars for this. But to own the best moon lamp, one must learn the secrets of choosing the right one.

And how do you choose a moon among these many in the market? A question to which we are here to give answers. Without further ado, let us give you a tour of the best moon lamps review below.

Here You Have The 7 Best Moon Lamps Reviews

Before we get to business, what exactly is a moon lamp? We all know how a lamp works. A moon lamp is a lamp in the shape of a moon on a stand.

It gives an aesthetic vibe to your room. The luminescence tone can even help you sleep better. Whether to use it as a centerpiece or night light is up to you. Either way, you will feel a little closer to the moon you see in the sky.

1/ Moon In My Room Remote Control Wall Décor Night Light – Uncle Milton

Moon In My Room Remote Control Wall Décor Night...
3,805 Reviews
Moon In My Room Remote Control Wall Décor Night...
  • Authentically detailed 3-D lunar landscape.
  • Automatic or manual function shows 12 main phases of the moon.
  • MP3 download code included provides a guided tour of the moon.
  • Auto shut off
  • Hangs on wall

Our first on the list is Moon in My Room by Uncle Milton. This realistic moon can be mounted on walls. With its accurate 3D details of the lunar surface, it is a perfect view for children.

The best part of this model is that the light features the progression of lunar phases. From new moon to full moon, it emits a soft glow from dark to a soothing brightness to display each phase in between.

It also comes with downloadable code on the instruction page. This code will allow you to download an audio tour. Which is a perfect example to let children have an educational journey right in their room!

The moon’s unit is controlled by an infrared remote. Other than the on/off button, it let’s you re-enact each moon phase separately. You can also set it to cycle through phases in sequence form.

Since this remote holds the magic in your hand, it is important to keep it safe. You would not want to lose it at any cost, and wish to upset Uncle Milton’s moonlight glowing all night and day.

However, the positive side of this model is its ability to turn off after 30 minutes of continuous running. It then lingers as a pleasant glow to help you sleep soundly. Due to this, it will conserve battery power even when you are not looking.

This can be a wonderful present to receive and an effective way to teach your kids about the moon and its phases. It could serve as a decorative nightlight in your room too.

Prose and Cons


  • • Auto shut off system
  • Remote control included
  • Hangs easily on the wall
  • Includes 12 main phases of the moon
  • Moon tour available to download


  • Batteries not included

2/ AMZLIFE Moon Lamp, Moon Light 5.9 Inch LED 3D Printing Night Light with Stand

Moon Lamp,AMZLIFE Moon Light 5.9 Inch LED 3D...
  • ❤3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY: The moon lamp is using the most advanced 3D printing technology, restores...
  • ❤ TOUCH CONTROL AND DIMMABLE: Touch control can be used to change the color ambiance of the moon...
  • ❤RECHARGEABLE VIA A USB: The lunar moon lamp include a USB charging cable to charge the lamp, it...
  • ❤COMFORTABLE BRIGHTNESS: The moon night light contains a matte finish on the outside so the light...
  • ❤EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: We are intent to provide you a good quality LED moon lamp. You will...

Were you always a fan of the mysterious moon in the sky? AMZLIFE brings you the best moon lamp with state-of-the-art 3D printing tech. Its prints are so accurately made that when lit on, you will be left with amazement.

The materials used in the making of this product are bio-based PLAs, extracted from corn stalks, which is why it is odorless and has zero percent toxic elements. However, it is advisable to keep it away from any heat or liquid source.

You can adjust the brightness of the light to your liking with a simple touch! There are two color tones available – warm yellow to make your surrounding entrancing, while cool white will captivate the true color of the moon.

Also, the package contains a wooden mount. This stand is ideal for a sturdy hold on the lamp. And this creative delight will bring peace to your mind.

The moon lamp also includes a USB charging cable. It only requires about 2/4 hours to charge fully. Then, you can take it wherever you please! From the outdoor romantic dinner table to camping with children.

Safety is always the first priority, and you will not have to worry about it with this model. It stays cool even after long use or held in hands by children. Being cordless ensures an added point; hassle-free from wires.

This full moon radiance can be a picture-perfect décor at your home. Bedside, living room, kids desk table, or even outdoor area, it will create a magical atmosphere nonetheless.

Prose and Cons


  • • Touch Control
  • Fast charging PLA material and non-toxic
  • Long time battery power
  • Adjustable light brightness
  • Dual color
  • Wooden stand included


  • Does not work when charging


3/ Aced 3D Printed Moon Lamp, LED,Seamless Lunar Moonlight Lamp with Stand, 7.1 Inch

This brand offers an all-in-one moon lamp that you could ever ask for! Its best feature includes both touch and remote-control systems. It also uses imaging data from NASA’s satellite to perfect the lamp with detailed dents and craters design.

A real moon does not have a charging port. But since our moon lamp requires one, it is important to check if the charging port is too noticeable.

The product’s updated surface accompanies with a one-piece molding technology. This instantly improves the appearance of the exterior. Thus, the port can be hidden effortlessly.

A true moon in your room that can change color! The product comes with 16 RGB colors for you to choose from. You can adjust each shade from dim to a dark setting. This model provides a unique ambiance to relax your mind right away.

You can turn on/off the lamp with a smart button. Then your remote will do the rest from changing colors to its dimness.However, its touch control is limited to only changing tones.

Moreover, the built-in battery lasts for more than 18 hours! Although it varies according to the brightness level, you choose.It gets fully charged in a couple of hours, which is its specialty.

Hence,keeping the moon as a divine symbolic gesture, it naturally becomes the best gift to give on any occasion.

Prose and Cons


  • • PLA material
  • Energy-saving LED
  • Multi-colored lights
  • Remote and tap controlled
  • USB charging port
  • Lightweight
  • Batteries included
  • Present box included
  • Wooden stand included


  • Cannot use while charging

4/ GDPETS 3D Printing Moon Lamp, 5.9 Inch

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Our fourth choice in this article is assisted by two additional prospects. Other than that, the lamp’s surface exhibits a vivid moon-like texture. And the material is absolutely FDA approved PLA.

First of all, this moon lamp has an added hook in case you wish to hang it. A hanging moon right in your children’s room is going to be a glorious sight. As if the moon beckons to light up like the real deal!

Secondly, the remote of this product has all the mind-blowing advantages to goof around. Aside from changing colors and brightness, it has the special inclusion of auto timer.

The timer has three settings, 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes. You will no longer have to worry about turning it off during sleep. The kids will love the occasional glimpse of the lunar warmth as they dream.

Given that no objects are blocking the way, the remote sensor can be used from a long distance of about 23 feet. While this model is small in size, it is still effective in many ways.

It delivers 16 color schemes to select from. You and your family will have enjoyable moments picking the favorite to decorate rooms. Its comforting glow will not hurt kids’ eyes when looked at.

The battery takes about two hours to charge fully. You can then use it straight for 6 to 12 hours, depending on the brightness level you choose. It will definitely turn out to be a beautiful present for the loved ones.

Prose and Cons


  • • PLA material
  • Multi-colored lights
  • Color transition option
  • Remote and touch sensor
  • Remote sensor operational from 23 feet
  • USB charging port
  • Wooden stand included


  • The surface design may be rough to touch

5/ AED Moon Night Light Lamp, 5.9 Inch

No products found.

This night light has a rechargeable battery instead of an old-school adapter after the latest upgrade. It gives you the advantage of 20 hours run time.You can practically throw a party and use it for the whole day.

That does not mean it takes a long while to recharge. In fact, AED Moon Lamp uses less than 2 hours to complete its charge! This means no more waiting for hours until the lamp shows its magic.

AED focuses solely on its consumers’ well-being. With this in mind, the brand offers three shades of colors — warm white, cool white, and yellow; each to match your mood.

Imagine after a long day’s work you want some relaxing and soothing time for yourself. Switch your beautiful globe to warm, white, or yellow. You will immediately notice the calming change that envelopes you.

With cool white light, the atmospheric transformation will help you and your family to focus on whatever task you do. Or you can change the colors matching the occasion as many times as you like.

The remote sensor has the ability to adjust the dimness of each shade’s brightness. An auto timer is available with the timing button. Once pressed, the night light will automatically switch off.

Needless to say, this PLA material model will surely bring joy to your home. The light does not flicker because of its energy-efficient LED. You can even let the kids go to sleep, hugging it at night without worrying!

Prose and Cons


  • • Remote and touch sensor
  • Sleep mode available
  • Energy-saving LED
  • Eye-caring light
  • Quick charge
  • USB charging port
  • PLA material
  • Wooden stand
  • Present box included


  • Might face problems with a replacement model

6/ LOGROTATE 16 Colors LED 3D Print Moon Lamp, Diameter 4.8 Inch

Moon Lamp, LOGROTATE 16 Colors LED Night Light 3D...
  • Moon lamp with the diameter is 4.8 INCH, made with 3D printing technology, realistic full moon...
  • Night Light with 16 color RGB, and the 16 colors can flash or fade or strobe, dreamlike and creative...
  • Moon light with remote & touch control model. And the REMOTE CONTROL DISTANCE CAN REACH TO 30 FEET....
  • Moon lamp with the build-in rechargeable battery, can charge on your computer / power bank or charge...
  • What You Get : 24-hour professional service center and 24/7/365 technical support. Just try it!

There are many reasons why people consider LOGROTATE as one of the best in the market. It is preferably the most favorite as a gift to children, parents, loved ones on any occasion!

This lamp is specifically designed to replicate the real moon. The 3D printing of this model has everything the moon in the sky possesses. Also, the materials used are absolutely FDA approved.

Furthermore, with its impressive 16 color availability, you can bring the party right to your house. Not only can you choose one particular shade, but you can also set it to fade non-stop, flash or strobe.

However, flash and fade can only demonstrate 7 colors. But only red, green and blue are available for strobe display. You can either choose a touch sensor or remote in order to change the brightness.

The range of the remote work up to 30ft! Maybe you will get an opportunity to play little tricks on your little ones by this remote. This moonlight also includes a wooden stand to keep it secured in its place.

LOGROTATE’s polymer lithium battery is rechargeable with a standard USB cable. You can use your pc, charger adapter, or power bank to charge the lamp anytime. From wedding to birthdays, any special events will be turned other-worldly with its illuminative glow.

This is undoubtedly one of the finest devices to own. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly – making it a perfect night light in the room or being festive with this rocking moon to single-handedly amaze your guests.

Prose and Cons


  • Multi-color option
  • Several transitions option
  • FDA approved PLA
  • Remote sensor operational up to 30 feet
  • Wooden stand available


  • Battery life is up to 2 months only

7/ Ehobroc Moon Lamp, 3D Printing Moon Globe Light, 5.9 Inch

Moon Light Ehobroc Moon Lamp Moon Night Light 5.9...
1,647 Reviews
Moon Light Ehobroc Moon Lamp Moon Night Light 5.9...
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN & VIVID MOON✔️- Ehobroc moon light is based on photos captured by NASA...
  • SAFE FOR KIDS & ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY ✔️- Ehobroc moon lamp is eco-friendly & non-toxic...
  • 3 COLORS CHANGE & RECHARGEABLE✔️- Touch the 3D moon lamp to change colors(warm white/cool...
  • A PERFECT GIFT ✔️- Moon night light is a perfectly romantic and mysterious moon gift for girls /...
  • RELIABLE SUPPORT✔️- at Ehobroc, we combine the latest technologies to design and build solid,...

Our final product, Ehobroc 3D Moon Lamp, is here to shower your world with celestial brilliance. It will spread a beaming ambiance all around with three color tones to choose from.

The yellow glow will leave a Halloween night effect in the room –spooky but incredibly warm feeling. The cool and warm white shade will look as though the moon has just landed in your house from the sky.

Yes, it feels genuinely accurate to the actual object. Thanks to 3D printing technology, Ehobroc Moon Globe is designed to represent craters, shadows, indentations on the surface – just as visible on the real moon from Earth.

It is made from PVC along with ABS to create the shell. They have a major role in making the product harmless and eco-friendly. The lamp’s durability causes it to survive even in the harshest conditions!

Now children usually like to grab and play with anything that looks a globe. Fear not, this moon night light is completely safe for them to hold and walk around the house.

With a simple tap and touch, you can easily control which color you wish to have on for the day or night. The battery only uses 2 hours to charge. You can later keep it on for 8 hours straight.

Whether it be a gift or your own joy, this 3D moon lamp will always cast a storybook-like warmth. You will never have enough fill of its beauty, certainly for a very long time.

Prose and Cons


  • • Quick charge
  • USB charging port
  • Energy-saving LED
  • 8 hours of working time
  • Wooden stand included
  • Lifetime technical support for free


  • Does not come with remote
  • Dimming option not included

    What to Look for Before Buying Best Moon Lamps?

We cannot simply give in to any model just because it is a small lamp. From the smallest to big, every object needs careful consideration before buying. This way, you will not regret choosing what you decide to invest in.

Similarly, before getting involved in this magical ride, you must learn a few tactics to avoid getting something flawed.

Texture and Appearance

The main goal of the moon lamp is to make it seem as real as it gets. If the texture looks plain, then it will no longer serve its purpose. Without the dark spots of the moon, it will only be viewed as a simple spotlight.

Along with the other features, the appearance will also have an effect on choosing the right lamp. This lamp must have a 3D printing texture, or it will lose the original look of the moon.

Ask yourself, does it have the similar shadowy spots of the real moon? Do I feel the little bumps on the lamp, which are known as craters of the real one? A few questions like these might help you in the process of elimination.


Learning about the product’s material is an imperative detail to focus on. We should always choose the ones with eco-friendly substances. Protecting our environment comes first, above all. Though, this does not mean you can make way by acquiring one with cheap materials.

Battery Quality

An essential part of the best 3D moon lamp is its battery run time. We all wish for something that takes very little time to charge fully.

On the other hand, we also wish for one that will last longer on the course. Finding both qualities in one product can be tricky. Some of the brands offer an auto shut off system in order to preserve battery power.

Overall, the battery should be able to give you peace of mind without having to worry about the device getting too hot. All moon lamps will have the charging USB included. Make sure it is adaptable to your connecting device.

Charging Port

What is the best moon lamps, if its charging port is visible all the way from the other side of the room? This tiny detail can have a huge effect on your beautiful decoration.That is why we always look for a lamp that has a smaller charging port; one that can be hidden easily, but carries out its job.

With a discrete charging port, you simply have to plug-in from underneath. And it will not even deter the glorious light of the moon.

A Stand

Most of the moon lamps come with a mount that is usually made of wood. Make certain to check its assembling parts,if they are perfectly proportioned. Some models might not include a stand. In that case, you will have to search one separately.

Since the mount is also the part of the lamp, you have to make sure it does not stand out too much. Remember, an actual moon has no mounting device up there!

You might not have the choice in preferences when the lamp you buy already consists of a stand.Keeping this in mind, choose a mount that will have a sturdy hold of the moon. While some can be found made up of wood, there are others with ceramic details.

Remote Control

Some of these products come with a remote controlling system. You should check if this provides a wide range of options to select from. For example, see if the remote can control the brightness of the light, or change tones from warm to cool and vice versa.

Test the approximate distance of the controlling device. Is the range is too short? If it is, then you might have to reconsider. You would not wish to get up in the middle of your sleep or conversation to change a lamp’s setting.

Top-Rated Brands on the Market

When it comes to choosing a product, we usually headfirst with a brand name. It is no different here either. To choose the best moon lamps brand, we have to know the specifications it is provided with. In this case, the more the merrier!

·        LOGROTATE

It is one of the top brands because of its several picks of RGB colors. It is also known for the remote control that can be operated from 25 feet or more.

Also, it is affordable, easy to handle, a combination of both party and dimmed night light — a reason why LOGROTATE has become a favorite among families.

·        VGAzer

Their units have the eye-catching feature of a 3D moon that floats in mid-air! This brand uses electromagnetic force to create such an attraction.

The products are lightweight, which incorporate PLA material, and have a non-irritating white glow to the eyes. If you are looking for something as relatable to fairy tales, this might be it.

·        Gahaya

These products give you the ability to switch it on with just a touch! With this delightful feature, Gahaya ensures to consume very little power.

Their non-toxic, odorless materials have turned the consumers to their full attention. You can tap your way from cool to warm tone in a matter of seconds.

·        AMZLIFE

This brand gives you the best eco-friendly lamps with two color options. You can easily control the dimness with a touch of your hand.

Its battery capacity only takes less than 3 hours to charge fully, which is why this brand is on our top picks.


Frequently Asked Questions About Best Moon Lamps.


1/ Does it work while charging?

Most moon lamps do not work during charging time for safety precautions. They will give off a low radiance when switched on, or have an indicator light to confirm they are connected to the cable.

2/ it safe for children to hold?

Yes. Almost all moon lamps offer PLA materials and LED lights that do not harm when in contact. They prevent overheating of the products. The glow illuminates softly instead of flashing brightness to adjust with eye level.

3/ Is the built-in battery replaceable?

No. However, the built-in battery usage life is about 4-5 years.

4/ What happens if the charger stops working?

Contact the seller to receive a replacement if you have the warranty. But if your moon lamp supports micro USB (similar to android phone charger), you can use that instead.

5/ Is it shockproof?

The moon lamps are typically built with high strength materials. This is why they are highly durable, even when thrown or dropped accidentally.

Final Words Best Moon Lamps Reviews.

We hope our review has shed some light to guide you towards the best moon lamps. Even the smallest objects are defined by their pure precision.

And the moon, far or near, will always be a part of us. With our growing expertise in creating something innovative, the moon lamp will always hold its magic close to you.

As the saying goes, “Moonlight is proof that there will always be light in the darkness.

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