Best Levitating Moon Lamp Review

Lighting has come a long way since the room lamp with the yellowing plastic covering the shade. Lamps of today are so advanced in design and functionality that they are not just mere lights, but part of home décor or art even. Moon lamps are one of the lamp design that is not functional but also decorative. Many moon lamps are designed with lighting and 3D printing that makes them seem super realistic. They can come in your conventional yellow or white lighting or with an array of color options to choose from. There are various types of moon lamps, among them levitating moon lamps are one of the eye-catching options. That’s why, here, we have the review of one of the best levitating moon lamp around.

VGAzer Magnetic Best Levitating Moon Lamp

VGAzer Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp Night Light...
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VGAzer Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp Night Light...
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  • Different Patterns of Changing Light- Gradient Warm Yellow and White LED Light changes Automatically...
  • 24+Hours To Perfect - Each Moon Lamp takes 24+ hours to make,Using advanced 3D printing...
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The Size of the Moon Lamp:

The moon lamp, obviously, has a moon-shaped lamp and a base. The dimension of the whole package is 9.7 x 8.6 x 8.5 inches. The dimension of the moon is 5.1’in diameter, and the dimension of the base is 7.5’in diameter. Its levitation height is magical 15’mm-17’mm, which will make the moon seem like it is floating in the air. It weighs around 2.43 pounds.

The Moon Lamp Holder:

The moon lamp is a very unique and fancy decoration for your home and office. Along with the moon lamp, the lamp holder also offers an aesthetic feel to your room. The holder of this particular moon lamp seems like a UFO. So, in conclusion, the whole package would appear like a moon floating over a UFO. Such as the moon, the base can also light up separately. It is an excellent means of decorating a modern room. The base allows having the moon elevated, which allows having a distribution of very homogeneous light on the room or the bedside table.


Another standout feature you will get with this package is its wireless charging ability. This levitating moon lamp uses wireless charging technology so you can charge it even when it is levitating. This wireless power supply for the moon makes this lamp more awesome. The power adapter of the base power is global voltage compatible 100-24 vo.  The touch controlled base below allows you to turn the LED’s ON or OFF inside the base light or moon lamp. You can independently switch on/off the moon and the base light.

The Lighting of the Moon Lamp:

This is the advantage of the LED; it offers a wide choice of colors. You can enjoy different patterns of changing light. This moon lamp can glow in Gradient warm yellow and white. The LED lights change gradually and automatically while floating and spinning. You can also adjust the lighting to your preference or mood.

There are 4 modes for the lights, which you can control by touching the only switch in turn. You can have both moon and base light on or off at the same time. And the other options are having the moon light on and the base light of or vice versa. In the end, it all comes down to your preference.

The Material of the Moon Lamp:

Each moon lamp takes more than 24 hours to be made. This moon lamp is made by using advanced 3D printing lamps technology that accurately replicates moon surfaces and craters according to NASA satellite images to exactly reproduce the moon-like lamp. The lamp is molded plastic and made with environment-friendly material. The advantages are it does not heat up and it does not break easily. Not easily breakable quality of the lamp also makes it an excellent décor for the children’s room. In addition, you can have the lamp safely in the children’s room without the risk of electrocution. It can also become a playful object for the little ones to roll in the room.

Pros and Cons

  • Eye-catching home décor Wireless charging Changing light Environment-friendly material Amazing gift

  • Setting it up might not be easy for everyone

How to Levitate your Moon Lamp:

You can have your levitating moon floating and glowing in just 4 easy steps, which are as follow:

  1. Place the base and the moon lamp on a flat surface. The surface should be nonmetallic as the base is magnetic. Connect the AC Adapter to the power and insert the other end – DC power in the base.
  1. Now hold the moon, and begin from a height about 6 inches above the base. Carefully lower the moon lamp directly over the center of the base with both hands and keep it level until you sense the upward magnetic force providing support to the weight of the moon.
  1. When you feel the weight of the moon is being supported by the magnetic force, gently let go while keeping it level and centered. If it falls, simply lift the moon and try the steps again. If you don’t succeed at the first time, don’t get distressed. Try again and again.
  1. After you have set the moon levitated over the magnetic base, touch the power button on the very bottom of the base to turn your levitating moon lamp or base light on/off.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1/ Question: Does levitating moon lamp durable?

Yes levitating moon lamp is durable. This is made of sturdy materials, but it is not unbreakable.

2/ Question: How do I order a replacement sphere?

You should be able to order from a largest world market place amazon or go directly to the manufacturer, they give you a website in the package it comes in.

3/ Question: Can you make it light one color?

No. It constantly changes colors. Slowly fades color approx every 10-15 seconds

Final Words:

This VGAzer Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp is one of the best levitating moon lamps on the market. Its magnetic base that looks like a UFO, over which a moon is floating freely and spinning in the mid-air is a sight to behold. Then it gradually changes the color of its shade, it is just an amazing piece home décor that will make your room look splendid. Its aesthetic features are surely going to impress your guest as well as it could also be a conversation starter that will help break the awkward ice.

You can also offer it as a gift on almost every occasion. And it has the ability to decorate any furniture in the home or office. Be it your living room, dining room, kids room, office shelf, college dorm, this beautiful piece can create a wonderful atmosphere beyond your expectations.

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