9 Best color bed sheets to hide stains


The focal point of the bedroom is the bed. It makes sense that we strive to make it as comfortable as possible; be it with the quality of the bedsheet or the mattress.  This bedsheet guide intends for you to make an informed decision. We are bringing you a compilation of the best choices to help you find the best color bed sheets to hide stains.

Best Color Bed Sheets to Hide Stains Comparison Table

Mellani Bedsheet Set

Mellanni King Size Sheet Set - Hotel Luxury 1800...
  • Feel the Difference - Sleep better and wake up each...
  • King Size Luxury 4pc Bed Sheets Set - 1 flat sheet...
  • Easy Care - Fade, stain, shrink and wrinkle resistant....
  • Highest Quality Brushed Microfiber - Made of the...
  • Mellanni Lifetime Promise - Mellanni is a different...

Mellani bedsheet set is manufactured by the highest quality silk fabric with brushed microfibers. This bedsheet is stain resistant and does not fade. It comes with deep pockets and is fitting for any guestroom or bedroom.


  • Mellani bedsheet comes in breathable fabric which keeps away the moisture. It comes in bedding sets for all ranges of age with numerous color combinations.
  • Mellani bedsheet comes blue, faded white, black, burgundy, lavender, royal blue, tan, white, and other color combinations.
  • This bedsheet set is perfect for guys with checkered burgundy, chevron gray, and paisley blue.
  • Bedsheet color psychology is based on muted colors with a gray undertone to alleviate the room décor. Its patterns in quarterfoil black, burgundy, dark gray, navy blue, and gray are the best colors in Mellani bedsheets.
  • Mellani bedsheet comes in a four-piece bed set with one flat bedsheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.
  • This bedsheet will accommodate mattresses of sixteen inches.

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Customers report this bedsheet as super nice and soft. It is worth the price and price a good sleep at night. The pillowcases and sheets perfect and provide comfort like none other.

Count Egyptian Four Piece Set

Elegant Comfort Luxury Soft 1500 Thread Count...
  • Elegant Comfort Queen-size Dimensions - Flat sheet 102"...
  • Elegant Comfort Queen-size Dimensions - Flat sheet 102"...
  • WELCOME TO ELEGANT COMFORT: Extra Durable weave creates...
  • LUXURY MEETS PERFORMANCE: Elegant Comfort provides...

This bedsheet combines luxury with comfort like never before.  These bedsheet will improve sleep and the dreams that come with it! This bedsheet combines beautiful colors that will attract you further inside the wrap when that alarm clock goes off in the morning.


  • The best colors for count Egyptian bedsheets are burgundy, purple, royal blue, sage, and turquoise among more color options.
  • The bedsheet color psychology is based on vibrancy which will liven up your room to a different level with its eye-catching color combinations.
  • The best color sheets for guys depend on their style and their perception of a bedsheet is to provide them.
  • The bedsheet color combinations come with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, two pillowcases, and fits mattresses up to sixteen inches.
  • The weave of this bedsheet comes with a breathable and hypoallergenic weave. Its microbial properties do not host bed bugs, allergens, or any other contaminants.

Customers confirm these are microbial yet do not concur with the description of Egyptian cotton. They recommend washing these sheets before use due to the heavy lint. Customer support does not offer a return or refund after 30 days of purchase.

Danjor Linens Bedsheet Set

Danjor Linens Queen Size Bed Sheets Set - 1800...
  • Complete Set: This home bedding set has everything you...
  • Super Soft: From twin sheets to king sheets and...
  • Breathable: These bed sheets are built for year-round...
  • Fade Resistant: Not only do our bedding sets &...
  • Easy Cleaning: Losing sleep over complicated washing...

The bedsheets from Danjor Linens offer the best sleep and comfort available.  These best color sheets for guys provide the utmost class with their six-piece set. The bedsheets are created using washable and very soft microfiber fabric that does not fade upon washing.


  • The microfiber used in this bedsheet will provide durability and strength upon use.
  • The bedsheet is resistant to stains, breathable, and does not wrinkle. It appears expensive and does not require much cleaning.
  • The bedsheet color psychology is based on earthly muted tones such as grays, tans, and beiges.
  • These best color sheets for guys offer easy to wash and durability due to the strength in fabric.
  • The bedsheet colors are a combination of white, black, cream, and taupe.
  • The Danjor Linen Bedsheet comes with two extra pillowcases with a total of six luxurious bedsheet piece sets. These bedsheet sets are hypoallergenic, do not fade, and refuses to host any dust mites.
  • These bedsheets arrive with a free lifetime warranty upon purchase.

Buyers mention this bedsheet as being not too hot or too cold. These are thin bedsheets with standard depth but provide comfort at night, according to customers.

CGK Bedsheet Set

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CGK offers queen size bedsheets with a fitted and flat sheet that is manufactured with ultra-fine, dual-brushed microfibers to provide a luxury feel compared to 1000, 1500, and 1800 alternative bedsheet thread counts.


  • This bedsheet comes with deep pockets to accommodate the universal size of mattresses.
  • The bedsheet color psychology offers a rainbow of color combinations from vibrant oranges and baby blues to muted greys and creams.
  • These best color sheets for guys offer a breathable and super silky feel at the end of a hard working day. These are also great gifts around holidays to express your love to your family and friends.
  • These bedsheets offer a weightless microfabric feeling which is practically weightless.
  • CGK bedsheets are softer than Egyptian cotton and are fit for any bedroom, guestroom, and vacation room, and suitable for all ages.
  • CGK bedsheets do not fade, are easy to wash, and resistant to shrinking or tearing.

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The majority of the customers are pleased with their purchase, particularly with the feel and comfort of the fabric. Buyers report they are easily washable and leave the dryer without any wrinkles.  They fit the mattress perfectly and true to the description.

California Design Den Store bedsheet

California Design Den - Luxury Full Size Sheets...
  • ✔ AUTHENTIC 100% COTTON SHEET SET - NO BS: While many...
  • ✔ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We don’t just make...

These 400 count thread bedsheets are the beginning of luxury and comfort. These bedsheets for guys are durable and provide a soft feeling with a magnificent bedroom experience.  These bedsheets are created with the best cotton fabric weaved from purest cotton yarns to provide comfort like never before.


  • This bedsheet comes provides deep pockets to provide a superb fitting around the sheets to cover tall and fit mattresses.
  • The color combination for these bedsheets is dyed which is resistant to fading. It is recommended they be washed regularly.
  • California Den Store holds sustainable and environmentally reporting and practices close to its core. This is supported by their audit reports and responsible use of chemicals.
  • The best color for guys can choose from muted tones of greys and purples or paisley patterns of white and navy to pink and blue floral.
  • The color combination ranges from yellow to sage green to light gray and blues of different shades.
  • These bedsheets offer a return within 30 days as per their guidelines.

Customers report content with their purchase and recommend not to leave it in the dryer for too long. These bedsheets are super soft and stay true to their description.

Sonoro Kate Bedsheet

No products found.

Sonoro Kate bedsheets offer a soft and silky feeling without burdening your wallet. These bedsheets are perfect for personal use or gift-giving.  Sonoro Kate bedsheets are created from natural sleep to offer the best sensation possible.  These bedsheets offer durability and breathability during warm summer nights or cold summer nights.


  • These bedsheets are designed to fit the mattress better than perfectly with its deep pockets and stretchy fabric.
  • These color combinations for these bedsheets offer a range of colors from blacks to blue to pink to yellows.
  • These best color sheets for guys come in one solid color and are not available in patterns as per its color psychology and make any bedroom appear like it’s out of a magazine.
  • The bedsheets offer a luxury feeling and are resistant to staining, shrinking, and fading. They are best washable under cold water.
  • Sonoro offers a return policy at any time, due to any reason, as long as the customer is unsatisfied with the product.

Customers report these bedsheets are soft and super fitting to the mattress and pillows. These sheets stay in place on the bed and do not fall off as the elastic keeps them secure.

LuxClub Bedsheet

LuxClub 6 PC Sheet Set Bamboo Sheets Deep Pockets...
  • LUXURY BEDDING - LuxClub 6 pc bamboo sheet sets, more...
  • COMFORT - LuxClub 6 piece bamboo sheets beat hotel...
  • BEST BED SHEETS - Bamboo viscose fabric blended with...
  • COOLING BED SHEET - Best sheets for hot sleepers,...
  • INCLUDES - 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Flat Sheet & 4 Pillowcases

LuxClub welcomes its users to luxury with the help of their bedsheets. These best color sheets for guys come in very high quality and are designed to make your dreams come true.


  • LuxClub bedsheets are hypoallergenic with bamboo sheets blended to create the most comfortable feeling possible. These bedsheets are softer when compared to the softest possible sheets. Thickness and density and factored in the construction of these bedsheets.
  • These bedsheets do not pull in moisture and provide a cool breathable feeling within the sheets.
  • The color psychology of this bedsheet is all solids providing a rainbow of colors from a variety of colors in each shade.
  • The best colors for these bedsheets come in taupes and creams to bring elegance into your bedroom. However, this product is available in vibrant shades of reds and oranges.
  • LuxClub is a responsible company that uses sensible supplies, uses organic dyes, and offers wages to all its workers. The quality control is situated in the USA.

Customers are more than pleased with their purchase and intend to buy this product. These bedsheets fit snug into the mattress and provide a luxury feel within budget.

Italian Collection Store

King Italian Prestige Collection Striped Bed Sheet...
  • KING SIZE 4PC SET – Includes 1 Flat Top Sheet...
  • VERSATILE & EASY TO CARE FOR – Simply machine wash...
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED– Our Italian Collection...

Italian Collection bedset offers the best color sheet for guys to offer breathability and thin bedsheets to stay cool and comfortable during a restless night.  These sheets will keep you warm during winters and cold during warm summer nights.


  • These bedsheets are super smooth to the touch and aimed and providing lifetime comfort with its resistance attribute. These bedsheets are also reasonably priced at the luxury they provide.
  • The bedsheet color psychology is solids and ranges with bedsheet color combination of red, yellow, blues, sage, and whites.
  • These bedsheets come with secure elastic to hug the mattress and keep the bedsheet in place. This bedsheets will fit to the T and will not ride up and lay off the bed during the night.
  • These bedsheets are easy to wash. They are to be rinsed in cold water and will exit the maintaining their vibrancy without any wrinkles or tears.

The quality of this bedsheet surprised the buyers as the thread count and feel of these sheets surpassed their expectations. The feel of these bedsheets is smooth to the touch. The buyers certainly recommend this product mostly because of its snug fit.

Queen Size California Bedsheet

California King Size Sheet Set - 4 Piece Set -...
  • 4 PIECE BED SHEET SET: 2 pillow cases and a flat sheet...
  • DEEP POCKETS/ EASY FIT: They fit mattresses up to...
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: If you're looking for very soft...
  • GREAT SHEETS FOR THE PRICE! These are some of the...

These best color sheets for guys are designed for the customer to experience comfort with its silky, weightless, natural cotton fabric that features a sateen weave. This product comes at a great value to provide luxury to your bed.


  • These extra-soft bedsheets are created with long-staple cotton and combed cotton bedding is intended to provide comfort all year round. The quality of these sheets is ensured through extensive quality control.
  • These bedsheets accommodate sensitive skin as they refrain from absorbing heat, trapping dust, and continue to stay breathable during those humid summer nights.
  • The color psychology of the product is divided into solids and patterns. The bedsheet color combination ranges from black to blue to a silver age. It also comes in strip patterns in khaki, blues, and lavender.
  • The fabric used in this bedsheet will not shrink, pile up, or give away color when washed. A short dry wash cycle is recommended. These sheets satisfy OEKO-TEX to ensure chemical and synthetic-free fabric.

Customers cannot stop raving about the comfortability and softness that these bedsheets provide. Dark colors are particularly useful if the customers are a fan of self-tanning.

Different Types of Bedsheets

  • Flat sheets are mostly used a lay under over regular bedsheets. These sheets come in different sizes and materials depending on the requirement. These bedsheets are intended to absorb sweat on a restless night. Furthermore, a flat sheet will also hold your regular sheet securely in place.
  • A fitted sheet is worn by a mattress. Its pockets on four corners are tightened by elastic so it will not easily sway from any corner. These sheets are small to accommodate the size of the mattress.
  • Back-up sheets are a cheaper alternative if you do not intend to spend on a luxurious or thousand counts bedsheet. It is always wise to invest in a back-up. Such sheets are inexpensive, yet provide comfortable bedding.
  • Cotton bedsheets have very variations but are very affordable and easy to clean and use.
  • Egyptian bedsheets are of high quality that aims to provide a feeling of luxury, strength, and comfort.
  • Supima is trademark American cotton that provides softness and a shine component to the bedsheets.
  • Upland bedsheets are completely manufactured in cotton with the intention of durability. However, these types of bedsheets are rough to touch, easily available, and a cheap alternative to comfort.

A Guide to best color bed sheets to hide stains.

  • The color blue represents calm and peace. Any shade of blue will improve the quality and overall duration of your sleep.
  • Black bedding is not the most popular as it dampers the room overall. It also attracts pet hair and makes them more visible to the naked eye.
  • A softer paler yellow can certainly add a pop of color to your bedroom. However, a neon or bright yellow will be a distraction, come it’s time to sleep.
  • Green bedding will complement your sleeping patterns. This color represents calm and a better prosperous future.
  • Silver bedding will evoke luxury without crossing your budget. Silver is calming to the eyes and is not distracting.
  • Orange bedding can certainly accommodate your sleep due to its beautiful and inviting webs, luring you to snuggle under the covers.
  • You cannot go wrong with a simple white wedding. It is quite soothing, complements almost every décor, and provides a sharp look to the bedroom.

Frequently asked questions:

What color sheets don’t show stains?

A dark brown sheet is the best sheet color to nullify yellow stains and white or cream bedsheets will hide stains from other bodily fluids.

What is the best color for bedsheets?

The best color for sheets is usually white or ivory or beige as it is very forgiving with any décor and does not clash with anything.

What color hides stains best?

Dark brown sheets are best to hide stains.

How do you pick a sheet color?

If the bedroom color scheme is reds and purples, the best sheet color would a white or tan. Blue, white, or tan walls will complement vibrant bedsheets.

What Color Bedsheets Should I Get?

Bedsheet color usually depends on the personality and intended look by the bedroom inhabitant.  Stay true to yourself!

Why Do Hotels Use White Bedsheets?

Hotels use white bedsheets to signify luxury. White sheets are also easy to wash.

Do White Sheets Help You Sleep Better?

White sheets are intended to improve your mood and imitate luxury to provide you a better night’s sleep in a calm and quiet setting.


Buying a bed sheets is an important decision, and you will want to make your decision very carefully. The best color bed sheets to hide stains does not have to be the most expensive one, but it has to be the one you feel is ideal for you.

Bedsheets are universal essentials and represent your style and personal preference. Factor in the price and personal color palate so your bedroom mirrors your authentic self.

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