Best Bulb for Salt Lamp Replacement In 2022


Salt lamps bring about a certain décor to the office and household spaces. They are manufactured by numerous companies therefore, a certain comparison is required to conclude which rock salt bulb and lamps are best fitted to the needs of the customer. For more information read our best bulb for salt lamp reviews.

Brand NamePackage DimensionsWeightCustomer ReviewsAchievementsWarranty
Elvissmart3.7 x 3.7 x 4.8 inches1.72 pounds338 reviews (4.7/5)28,157 in Tools and Home Improvement30-day money-back guarantee
LEVOIT6 x 6 x 10 inches6.5 pounds10,159 reviews
1143 rank in
Tools and Home Improvement
Two Years
Himalayan Glow6.97 x 4.84 x 4.57 inches7.2 ounces36 reviews (4.4/5)3792 rank in
Tools and Home Improvement
30 days from date of shipment
Body Source13.07 x 7.64 x 7.52 inches14.85 pounds3,120 reviews (4.7/5)1572 rank in Tools and Home ImprovementNot applicable
Mockins11.58 x 10.47 x 6.11 inches12.58 pounds1,844 reviews (4.5/5)5775 rank in Tools and Home improvementLifetime

Best bulb for salt lamp Brands, Reviews, and Specifications.

Elvissmart Salt Bulbs

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Elvissmart aims to provide the best bulbs available. The specifications are based on its seven watts dimmable setting coupled with its Himalayan salts of soft pink color. These best bulbs for salt lamps are manufactured with the purest of salt to ensure a soft amber and beautiful glow upon use. The salt crystals do add weight to the bulb and are not heavier than the conventional lighting bulbs.

Many customers have claimed these bulbs as “beautiful” and bringing a “calming” presence in the room. Buyers suggest two per room for complete visibility and are pleased with the light and heat source.


  • Elvissmart salt LED Light bulb is filled with salt crystals.
  • Elvissmart bulbs come five, seven, and 11 watts to satisfy the customer’s requirement.
  • This light bulbs come with subzero temperature control with instant and clear brightness and with 23000 colors, and 550 Lumen LED salt light bulbs.
  • Elvissmart bulbs offer a complete money-back guarantee under 30 days of purchase in case the product is defective or broken.
  • Elvissmart bulbs are used for décor at home, decoration for milestone events such as weddings and are the most efficient bulbs used for household purposes.
  • These bulbs arrive in a pack of four.


The rock salts used in the LEVOIT bulbs are extracted from Pakistan, a country full of natural reserves and rock salt mines.  This ensures the purity and quality of the rock salts used. LEVOIT bulbs are durable, resistant to termite decay, and have a lasting lifetime compared to other wooden bases. The salt lamps may sweat or appear damp in humidity because of their hygroscopic component. The base for LEVOIT wooden base is natural, stable, and sits on furniture with a perfect balance. It is advised that LEVOIT salt lamps be placed on a flat surface under them.

Customers complain of irregularities in the salt carvings of the bulb but were surprised by the prompt customer services who offered assistance and replacement alternatives. Buyers are satisfied with the product and insist it is perfect for gift-giving.


  • The natural salt component brings about color variances, which result in eye-catching light.
  • The red packaging makes them perfect for Thanksgiving, anniversaries, or other holiday gift exchanges.
  • The weight varies from four to eight pounds and is the best bulbs for salt.
  • The dimmer switch allows for custom light brightness.
  • LEVOIT light bulbs are certified by ETL, CE, and ETL.
  • LEVOIT bulbs come in with a warranty of two years.

Himalayan Glow Collection

Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp LED Light Bulbs 60-Watt...
1,493 Reviews
Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp LED Light Bulbs 60-Watt...
  • LED energy saving Light bulbs for all types of lighting fixtures
  • Natural Salt Lamp Emits a warm amber glow for a calming ambiance in any room
  • Ideal for home and office as decorative décor accents
  • These A19 LED bulbs with Himalayan Pink Salt are energy efficient and beautiful
  • Safe to leave on for periods of time without overheating, like any other LED bulb and the salt will...

The salt bulbs from the Himalayan Glow Collection are intended to mimic salt lamps in a bulb. The pink crystals in the Himalayan Glow Collection let out a similar glow to an average light bulb but add a quaint feeling of a salt lamp. The light from these salt bulbs gives off an antique feeling with distant lighting even from a close distance. Himalayan salt lamps emit amber light, which produces a certain amber glow to the room. The Glow Collection comes with a natural finish and a built-in dimmer rotary switch for a custom effect.

Customers suggest pairing these bulbs with an antique lamp for the ultimate experience. Buyers have coined the glow as “inviting” and appreciate the quick customer service.


  • Himalayan Glow Collection ensures the authenticity of salt rocks and is the only patented collection filled with actual crystals.
  • Its simplicity and uniqueness help the Glow Collection stand out from its competitors.
  • LED bulbs used in these salt bulbs will not strain the utility expenditure and carry a voltage of 120 volts.
  • These bulbs are A19 LED, eye-catching, and efficient in energy consumption.
  • Himalayan salt bulbs do not overheat when left on for an unattended amount of time.

Body Source salt bulbs

Himalayan Salt Lamp 10-12” (11-15 lb) with...
6,950 Reviews
Himalayan Salt Lamp 10-12” (11-15 lb) with...
  • 100% Pure & Natural: Expertly hand-carved from authentic Himalayan Salt found only in Pakistan. Each...
  • Adjustable Brightness: The integrated dimmer switch allows you to fully adjust the warmth and glow...
  • Good Vibes: Pink Himalayan salt is known for its therapeutic and relaxing properties. Ambient and...
  • Fully Assembled: We want you to have an enjoyable and stress-free experience when receiving your...
  • Your Perfect Bedroom Accessory: Our Salt Lamps are beautifully crafted and tastefully designed so...

The Body Source rock salt lamps carry authentic rock salt from Pakistan, which is a south-east Asian country filled with untapped natural resources and rock mines. These best bulbs for salt lamps can be used day or night. Thus the new rock salt bulb comes pre-assembled in a unique packaging with a spare bulb for peace of mind and building satisfactory clientele. The Himalayan soft bulbs from the Body Source boost energy and increase serotonin to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression for a peaceful mind and soul.

Customers rave about the health benefits experienced by this product and report improved skin condition and recommend this product.


  • The hand-crafted rock salt bulbs add a unique shape to each bulb.
  • The lighting can be custom adjusted with the dimmer switch, which can be used to alter the glow and warmth of the bulb.
  • These bulbs also carry healing properties such as customers have reported reduced headaches, falling asleep easily, reduced insomnia, better skin condition, and a better sense of overall well-being and positivity.
  • Salt rock from the Himalayas is related to air purification with reduced stress and purifying the air around by releasing negative ions into the air.
  • The Body Source focuses on providing a stress-free and relaxing experience to its customers.
  • These bulbs come in a height of 10 to 12 inches and weigh 15 pounds.

Mockins salt bulbs

mockins 2 Pack Natural Hand Carved Himalayan Salt...
  • Light up your room with the relaxing Salt Crystal light. The Salt lamp is great for office decor,...
  • Each Himalayan Salt lamp is uniquely hand crafted from the Pakistan mines. The rock lamp has an easy...
  • Enjoy the Health Benefits from the natural properties of the Himalayan pink Salt Lamps With the...
  • Great gift idea for mom gifts, dad gifts, Christmas gift , gifts for men , gifts for women ,...
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee- Lifetime Replacement or Refund Warranty. We are so sure you will...

Rock salt bulbs from Mockins are best used for office, home, bedroom, and desk décor. They can be used by adults and children for their nightlight. Each rock salt bulb is created with rock salt from the natural reserves of Pakistan.

Customers have reported health benefits while using Mockins rock salt bulbs and appreciate the uniqueness of the hand-crafted salt bulbs. Buyers confirm this product is a bargain and worth the price.


  • These best bulbs for rock lamps come with an easy on-off switch, which can alter the room setting from romance to relax under seconds.
  • These rock salt bulbs do not come with a dimmer.
  • Mockins rock salt bulbs come with a fifteen-watt bulb, which is CE and UL improved in a carrying size from six to eight inches weighing at five to seven pounds.
  • When switched on, the salt crystals emit ions in the air and improve breathing, level of energy, provoke better sleep, improves mood, and eliminates allergens from the air.
  • Mockins offer a lifetime refundable and replacement warranty.
  • These best bulbs for salt lamps are a great gift to family and work colleagues around the festival seasons or celebrating milestones.

Types of Bulbs Useful for Salt Lamp

Incandescent bulbs are cost-effective and affordable bulbs used for salt lamps. These are known for producing an inviting glow and are most commonly used in rock lamps.

Fluorescent bulbs are used for providing bright light, and the customer has the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors. They are usually used to illuminate huge spaces such as conference rooms, hotel lobbies, and other similar areas.

Tungsten Filament bulbs are deemed as the near-perfect type of bulb to be used with a salt lamp. This type of bulb is well known for producing heat and warming the room with the help of filament used in the manufacturing of the bulbs.

Solutions to Salt Lamp Bulb Blowing

  • Apply a dimmer switch to control the application of power sent to the bulb instead of the immediate current sent to the bulb upon switching it on.
  • Use halogen bulbs, which reduce the metal amount that is escaping from the filament, and as it operates, it will be re-deposited the heat and vapor on the filament upon turning it off.
  • Get a higher voltage bulb so it can resist the current provided to it.
  • Wire a resistor with enough power to withstand the bulb. It would do a similar job as a dimmer switch.
  • Inspect the lamp and determine if it’s faulty and needs replacement.
  • Check and invest in a proper power supply.

The Correct Light Bulb Size for Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan lamps are used to emit positive ions into the air and to clean the air from any form of pollution or allergens. Thus, the correct size of the bulb will affect the expected results from the best bulbs in salt lamps.

  • Himalayan salt lamp with three to 11 pounds in mini, small, or medium size requires a 15-watt bulb.
  • Salt lamp with twelve to 20 pounds in large or extra-large size will require a 25-watt bulb.
  • Himalayan salt lamp with 21 to forty pounds in jumbo size will require a 40-watt bulb.
  • Himalayan salt lamp with 41 to two-hundred pounds of super jumbo size will require fifty to sixty-watt bulbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What light bulb wattage do you need for a Himalayan salt lamp to purify the air?

The Himalayan salt bulb produces heat and light, and a 15-watt bulb would be beneficial to purify a small space. However, if the customer intends to purify a larger space, purchase a 25 or 40-watt bulb.

How effective are Himalayan salt lamps for our health?

The Himalayan salt lamps are used in attracting toxins, pollutants, and other allergens to the surface. They can be used to eliminate or reduce anxiety, insomnia, or depression. However, the user must consult proper medical professionals.

What Type of Bulb Does Your Salt Lamp Need?

The salt lamp needs an incandescent light bulb with a candelabra base.

What type of bulb does a salt lamp use?

The salt lamp uses incandescent bulbs, halogen, fluorescent, and tungsten filament bulbs.

Do salt lamps work with LED bulbs?

The LED bulbs will emit a cool light and may be tempting to use. However, they will not provide any heat or benefits of the advised bulb types. Please refrain from using LED bulbs in salt lamps.

Can I use a night light bulb in my salt lamp?

The salt lamp may be left on as a nightlight in your bedroom at the lowest dimmer setting under proper supervision and care.

Why do my salt lamp bulbs keep blowing?

The salt lamp may continue to blow out due to a low-quality bulb, a fused bulb that needs replacement, a cracked bulb, or the electrical cord might be damaged.  A loose connection from the lamp holder may also be a problem.


The above-mentioned information is hoped to be useful at answering the requirements and regarding the usage and benefits of the best bulbs for rock soft lamps. It is important that the customer must account for his requirements and needs before purchasing a salt lamp and must take proper care of the product to avoid any unforeseen accident.

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