10 Ideas for the Best Beds for Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are an excellent choice for people living in a city, having high rent costs. When we think of a studio apartment, the only phrase that comes to mind is, not enough space! Suppose you have lived in a studio apartment. In that case, you are probably aware that it is hard to figure out an area for your furniture. You would spend hours thinking about where to place your dining table, how to accommodate your couch, and most importantly, where to put your bed. Mapping out your studio apartment plan, especially your bed area,  is not as easy as eating cake. Still, if you purchase the best bed for a studio apartment, it will save you from some trouble.

If you are searching for some cool beds to place in your compact apartment, then we have got you covered. To help you adjust a stylish bed to fit into your tiny sleeping area, we have arranged a list of the best beds solutions for studio apartment.

Comparing the Best Beds for Studio Apartment

To create a contemporary yet comfortable home inside your studio apartment, below are some fantastic bedding choices to utilize the small space efficiently.

Zinus Curtis64 pounds75.5 x 54 x 13.4 inchesWoven fabric and steel frame
Amazon basics45.6 pounds80 x 60 x 14 inchesSteel
Zinus Josephs56.4 pounds80 x 60 x 18 inchesSteel
DHP studio bed125.5 pounds77.5 x 41.5 x 74 inchesMetal
Zinus Shalini80 pounds84 x 63.4 x 40.7 inchesWood

Best Beds For Studio Apartment

ZINUS Curtis Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

ZINUS Curtis Upholstered Platform Bed Frame /...
13,292 Reviews
ZINUS Curtis Upholstered Platform Bed Frame /...
  • LESS IS MORE – Replace your basic metal frame and box spring with this sleek, simple and stylish...
  • DURABLY DESIGNED - Interior steel framework and dense foam padding add softness and longevity; all...
  • NO BOX SPRING NEEDED - Durable wood slats support and extend the life of your latex, memory foam or...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – Everything you need is efficiently packed into one box and shipped straight to...
  • Worry-free 5 year limited warranty included; mattress sold separately

The Curtis upholstered platform bed is a perfect option if you are not onto extra frills. This bed frame is available in various colors; it comprises a polished foundation that provides the refinement of upholstery and a simple design.

The Zinus bed frame supports you in sleeping peacefully and gives your apartment a chic look. This bed has been designed with durable wooden planks and a support bar made of steel. The foundation of the bed has the strength to support any type of mattress. This one is great if you want a frame with the best bed size for a studio apartment.


  • The Zuni’s bed frame by Curtis offers a woven fabric upholstery with a steel framework.
  • This simple and stylish bed will be a fantastic replacement for your metal frame bed and spring mattress.
  • It has been created using fabric upholstery and wooden planks that increase its durability and reliability.
  • The steel framework and the dense foam padding adds softness and makes it long-lasting.
  • The framework can bear up to 700 lbs.
  • There is no requirement for a box spring. It is made with durable wood planks that extend the life of your mattress.
  • The wood planks can be placed 2.6 inches apart for large sizes, and for smaller sizes, the wood planks can be placed 3.9 inches apart.
  • All the parts included are packed efficiently in a box and are delivered to your door. The package comprises all the instructions.
  • This mattress comes with a 5-year warranty.

Amazon Basics Foldable, 14″ Metal Platform Bed Frame

Amazon Basics Foldable, 14' Black Metal Platform...
79,248 Reviews
Amazon Basics Foldable, 14" Black Metal Platform...
  • Product Dimensions: 80" L x 60" W x 14" H | Weight: 45.6 pounds
  • Designed for sleepers up to 250 pounds
  • Queen platform bed frame offers a quiet, noise-free, supportive foundation for a spring, hybrid or...
  • Folding mechanism makes the frame easy to store and move in tight spaces
  • Provides extra under-the-bed storage space with a vertical clearance of about 13 inches
  • Fast, easy setup—no tools required
  • Made of durable steel with a sleek black finish

Enjoy a restful night’s sleep on this Amazon basics bed frame. The frame of this bed is robust and has a rectangular-shaped design consisting of horizontal panels cross rows of wires that support the mattress without a box spring requirement.


  • The dimensions of the bed frame are 80”x 60” W x 14” H.
  • The weight of this frame is 45.6 pounds.
  • It can support sleepers up to 250 pounds.
  • This bed is the best queen bed for a studio apartment.
  • It offers a quiet and supportive base for a mattress.
  • The folding quality of this frame makes it easier to store and to move around in small spaces.
  • It offers an extra space under the bed; the vertical height of the space is 13 inches.
  • This bed can be constructed efficiently, and there are no tools required for it.
  • It is made with strong steel and has a sleek black color.

Zinus Joseph 18 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

ZINUS Joseph Metal Platforma Bed Frame / Mattress...
18,155 Reviews
ZINUS Joseph Metal Platforma Bed Frame / Mattress...
  • GO MINIMALIST - Less is more, especially with this modern and structurally sound foundation that...
  • UNDERBED CLEARANCE - A tall, 18 inch platform features a generous 15.4 inches of underbed space...
  • NO BOX SPRING NEEDED - Reliable wood slats are designed to support and extend the life of your...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - All parts, tools and instructions are shipped straight to your door in one...
  • Worry-free 5 year limited warranty included; mattress sold separately

The Zinus metal bed frames are designed to be more than supportive of your mattress while you rest peacefully. Each style is planned carefully and constructed to function efficiently.

This bed has an appealing, sleek, and simple design. This frame is the best type of bed for a studio apartment as its design perfectly goes with any décor style.


  • If you purchase this bed frame, then it will include a Zinus metal platform bed.
  • It will be an 18 inches queen size bed.
  • It comes with all the necessary tools needed for the assembly of this bed.
  • The mattress is not included with this frame.
  • The dimensions of this bed are 60” Wx 80” L x 18” H.
  • The weight of this bed is 500 lbs.
  • The bed frame weighs 56.2 lbs.
  • The space between each wood plank is 3.5”.
  • The space of clearance under the bed is 16”.
  • The steel has been added with a foam padded tape that gives a quiet environment while you sleep.
  • The non-slip tape on the wooden planks keeps your mattress from moving.
  • This frame is not compatible with the footboard.
  • It can be used with memory foam, spring, and hybrid mattresses but can’t be used with air or water mattresses.

DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk

DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk and Bookcase...
2,575 Reviews
DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk and Bookcase...
  • Space saving functionality. Built in study area with multiple shelves on each side for storage....
  • Silver and black metal finish
  • Safety rails and multiple metal slats for safety, support and durability
  • Bed accommodates a twin size mattress (75 inches x 39 inches) – sold separately. Maximum upper...
  • Easy assembly required. Does not require additional foundation. Weight limit 200 pounds

If you are working, or you are a busy professional in need of a space solution for your condo or studio, then this bed item is definitely for you. A perfect choice for the best daybed for a studio apartment is cool and functional furniture that will fit accurately in your tiny area.

DHP has been selling unique and practical furniture for years. Their furniture items include metal bed frames, bunk beds, day beds, mattresses, and more.


  • This bed offers space-saving convenience.
  • It comprises a built-in study area, having many shelves on each side.
  • This bed is great for kid’s and teen’s rooms.
  • It has a silver and a black metal finish.
  • This frame offers safety rails and multiple metal boards for safety and support.
  • The bed can adjust to a twin size mattress.
  • It can be assembled quickly.
  • The weight limit for this item is 200 pounds.
  • The dimensions of this bed are 5 x 41.5 x 74 inches.

ZINUS Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

ZINUS Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame /...
41,689 Reviews
ZINUS Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame /...
  • GOOD LOOKS, CONFIDENT STYLE - With its easy-as-pie assembly, sturdy construction and elegant diamond...
  • DURABLY DESIGNED - Interior steel framework and dense foam padding add comfort and longevity; Twin...
  • NO BOX SPRING NEEDED - Durable wood slats support and extend the life of your latex, memory foam or...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – Everything you need is efficiently packed into one box and shipped straight to...
  • Worry-free 5 year limited warranty included; Mattress sold separately
  • Furniture Finish: Wooden slats
  • Bed frame is inside headboard

When you place the Shalini platform bed in your studio apartment, it will be a total transformation for your bedroom. This bed frame owns classy stitching, button tufting, and a neutral-toned fabric. The base of this bed makes a striking centerpiece that instantly pulls a room together.

Due to its sophisticated features, the Shalini makes it the best bed frame for studio apartments. This bed frame is equipped with a wood plank platform that supports any kind of mattress without a box spring. It also provides a reliable and durable steel frame.

It is delivered to your doorstep with all the things needed to assemble it, saving you from the hassle and saving you time.


  • This frame comprises a woven fabric upholstery with a steel framework.
  • It owns a beautiful contemporary style.
  • The robust construction and the beautiful diamond pattern stitching make Shalini a striking, chic addition to your room furniture.
  • The design of this bed frame is durable. The steel framework and foam padding contribute to comfort and durability.
  • The twin-sized frame can tolerate up to 350 lbs; other sizes can support up to 700 lbs.
  • It requires no box spring and comes with durable wood planks that make it more durable.
  • This bed is suitable for memory foam, latex, and spring mattresses.
  • For full size, the planks are 2.7 inches apart, and for other measures, the planks are 3.2 inches apart.
  • It is shipped to your door, including all the parts, tools, and instructions needed to assemble it.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • The bed frame is present inside the headboard.
  • The dimensions of this frame are 84 x 63.4 x 40.7 inches.

Faux Leather Upholstered Modern Convertible Folding Futon Sofa Bed

Best Choice Products Faux Leather Upholstered...
13,509 Reviews
Best Choice Products Faux Leather Upholstered...
  • 3 ADJUSTABLE POSITIONS: Perfect for any occasion, three backrest settings let you enjoy meaningful...
  • ROOM FOR 2: This stylish futon sofa has a 500-pound weight limit that lets you lounge in good...
  • CONVERTIBLE SOFA BED: Stay prepared for overnight guests by taking advantage of the removable arm...
  • QUALITY DESIGN: Durably crafted with tufted faux leather and 4 chrome metal legs, this convertible...
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL SPACES: Enjoy the functionality of a full-sized sofa without unnecessary bulk in...

The Amazon basics foldable platform bed has an excessive amount of vertical space under the bed for storage. You wouldn’t need to buy a separate box spring. The planks in the bed support the mattress on it.

This bed is the best bed couch for a studio apartment. The amazon basics couch bed has placed 2 amongst the best 11 ones.

Now you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep with the help of this Amazon product. The strong bed frame offers a rectangular-shaped design that comprises horizontal panels and a row of wires assembled in a cross design. The cross row wires provide superior support required by the mattress.


  • This fantastic bed choice is the perfect choice for a couch bed for a studio apartment.
  • It has 3 adjustable positions that let you enjoy conversations, watch tv, or just read a book alone.
  • This stylish sofa bed has a 500-pound weight.
  • It features a fold-down armrest that has convenient cupholders placed in the center.
  • The arm pillows can be removed and adjusted to convert the sofa into a comfortable bed.
  • This design has been made with tufted faux leather and comprises 4 chrome metal legs.
  • It is the right option for small spaces, such as studio apartments and condos. Just place it in your apartment without worrying about unnecessary bulk in your small home.
  • The dimensions of this bed are 30.5″x65.25″x31.”
  • It weighs 500 lbs.

Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with Reversible Chaise

Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with...
553 Reviews
Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with...
  • Firm and Comfortable: The cushions you sit on are nice and firm. You'll never have to worry about...
  • Space Saving: Small space reversible sectional sofa. Perfect for my small apartment, upstairs loft...
  • Easy Assembly: No tools needed and easy-to-follow instructions to assemble. Anyone can easily...
  • Convertible Design: Sectional sofa with reversible chaise lounge. You can place the ottoman on...
  • After Sale:This sofa comes with 2 boxes, may be delivered at different times.If there is any...

The Walsunny convertible sectional sofa is a brilliant quality upholstered couch that features a reversible chaise lounge. As the number one best sofa bed for studio apartments, this couch has a classy design with a linen fabric that is accurate for compact spaces.


  • This lovely sofa bed offers comfortable cushions to sit on that feels nice and steady. The cushions do not sink in while you sit on them. It gets better while you sit on them for a longer period.
  • This compact space reversible sectional sofa is great for studio apartments or lofts.
  • The dimensions of the couch are 77.5”x 27.56” x 35.43”.
  • This sofa bed weighs 660 lbs.
  • There are no tools required for the assembly of this bed. This can be installed in 10 minutes.
  • This couch has a convertible design; it has a sectional sofa with a reversible chaise lounge.
  • The sofa is delivered in two different boxes.

Divano Roma Furniture Modern Velvet Fabric Recliner

Divano Roma Furniture Modern Velvet Fabric...
238 Reviews
Divano Roma Furniture Modern Velvet Fabric...
  • COMFY LOUNGE CHAIR: handpicked velvet tufted backrest and seating made with high density foam...
  • ADJUSTABLE RECLINING: convertible sofa, fold to many positions to read, relax, sleep and transforms...
  • FINE UPHOLSTERY: upholstered mid century diamond button stitched look with nailhead trimmer armrest...
  • EASY SET UP: little assembly needed. Sets up in minutes tools and manual instructions included....
  • WARRANTY – directly from the manufacturer your happiness is our happiness and we offer a full...

Furniture by Divano Roma is a mid-century modern chaise lounge that is a recliner and comes with a 1 accent pillow of the same fabric as the recliner. Vibrant colors are available to fit in with your home décor perfectly.

The design comprises upholstered in tufted velvet fabric. The hardwood frame has a nailhead trim and dark wooden legs and armrests. This sofa can recline completely and converts into a futon. It is suitable for a studio apartment. It features a high-density foam that provides ultimate comfort and a lavish look.


  • This comfy lounge couch is the best couch bed for a studio apartment. It features a tufted velvet backrest and seating made with a high-density, comfortable foam cushion.
  • It is accessorized with velvet plush pillows.
  • After reclining, it converts into a sofa. It folds into many positions for you to relax, read, and sleep on.
  • It has a simple design and consists of metal legs for increased support and durability.
  • This lovely piece features fine upholstery, with a diamond button stitched look with a nailhead trimmer armrest.
  • Also known as loveseats, this recliner compliments different types of furniture in various room spaces or small bedrooms or apartments.
  • It offers an easy assembling procedure and can be assembled within minutes.
  • The dimensions of this sofa are 69”x46”x32” and weigh 72lbs.
  • This recliner comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Serta RNE-3S-CC-SET Rane Collection Convertible Sofa

Serta Rane Convertible Sofa Bed, 66.1' W x 33.1' D...
8,136 Reviews
Serta Rane Convertible Sofa Bed, 66.1" W x 33.1" D...
  • COMFORT: Serta, the first name in comfort, makes Serta-comfortable, sensibly priced, elegant living...
  • BEAUTY: This futuristic, convertible sofa has a sleek silhouette with high-density foam, tufted seat...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: This convertible sofa is made from premium-quality polyester and has a solid...
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Vacuum occasionally, and use the soft brush attachment to remove particles. Spot...
  • CONVERTIBLE: The back easily folds down to lounge for casual moments. When it's time to sleep, fully...

This simple convertible sofa by Rane coordinates with the style of every home. It has more than one function and converts into a bed. The Rane sofa has been designed with a finger guard mechanism.

It has been added with foam webbing in the cushions and the pocket coils. These beds blend with any décor style due to their button-tufted and high-quality fabric, providing the perfect bed solution for studio apartments.

The Rane features a patented finger guard mechanism that has been constructed with eucalyptus wood.


  • It offers a perfect bed size for studio apartments or small spaces.
  • Its unique, contemporary design gives it a lavish and elegant look.
  • The upholstery is an excellent quality polyester fabric with a modern design.
  • It has multi-functions, it can be converted into a living room sofa. The positions can also be reversed from sitting to a sleeping position.
  • It can be set up by click-clack technology.
  • The dimensions of this sofa are 66.1”x33.1”x29.5”.
  • The dimensions of the beds are 66.1”x37.6”x15.0”.

Modern Small Space Reversible Linen Fabric Sectional Sofa

Moderne Livinf Modern Dark Small Space Reversible...
63 Reviews
Moderne Livinf Modern Dark Small Space Reversible...
  • Soft small sectional sofa - perfect for apartment or a studio
  • Upholstery with hardwood frame and aluminum detachable legs
  • Measures 78" x 54" x 34" inches
  • Minor assembly required (screw-on legs)

The small pace convertible sofa features an excellent modern design. The Divano Roma sectional sofa arrives elegantly, covered in a unique microfiber upholstery. This elegant sofa has been specially designed for small areas for sleeping and sitting. Like every other piece of Divano Roma furniture, this sofa can also be assembled easily.

This classy sofa bed features chrome finished legs that are an unmatched modern style. The modern sectional sofa is equipped with seat cushions filled with comfort foam, which is crafted to withstand long use.


  • The small sectional couch is perfect for apartments and studio homes.
  • It comprises of hardwood frame and detachable aluminum legs.
  • This sofa measures 78”x54”x34” inches.
  • It requires minor assembling.

Types of Studio Beds

You can place so many types of beds in your studio apartment, depending on the space and your choice. Below are the various types of studio beds that will help you in picking out the category of your new bed.

1.   Sleeper Sofa

These sofas are the best bed solutions for studio apartments and the best space-saving furniture. Sleeper sofas are not what they were before. Now, these beds are built for extreme comfort and are available in a huge range of old-fashioned to modern style.

These will compliment your home, no matter how big or small your place is. This one is the best match for all your seating needs because of its versatility and style.

2.   Murphy Bed

Suppose you are thinking of completely concealing your bed in your studio apartment. In that case, a murphy bed is your best option. These are popularly known as hide-away beds; you can easily fold out these from your wall or your ceiling.

When folded up, they can appear as a shelf or as a cabinet. Murphy beds contribute a stylish look to your living space, either in folded or in an open position. You can find the best murphy bed for studio apartments at many different stores. Before installing these in your homes, you need to have some alterations done in your home.

3.   Tri-fold Mattress

For a complete compact sleeping solution, you should consider a tri-fold mattress. According to the Japanese-style method of sleeping, the design consists of easy packing of the mattress and hiding it away.

Individuals who want to sleep without a frame can consider purchasing tri-fold mattresses.

4.     Lofted beds

Loft beds require you to climb up a ladder or stairs. It completely utilizes the space in your home; it is quite suitable for studio apartments. The stairs were designed because most people dislike the idea of climbing a ladder to their bed.

The space underneath the bed can be converted into a sitting area or a study area. Some of the loft beds come with a closet built under the bed.

How to Design a Studio Apartment and Create a Smart and Stylish Home?

A studio apartment is a small home where you sleep, eat, and sit in the same room. Therefore it is hard to furnish your home when you have little space to accommodate many rooms in one area. Below are some designing tips for a studio.

  • Start dividing your home into different zones. Create separate zones to make your home organized.
  • To make separate zones, you can add bookshelves to distinguish zones in your apartment.
  • Rugs can be added in homes to build separate zones; typically, they are placed in studio apartments’ living areas. Rugs bring warmth in the area it is placed.
  • You can use artwork to create separate zones in your home, like hanging up artwork on the sofa will help people to distinguish between a living area and a bedroom.
  • Screens are a great item to separate areas of your home; these are movable and block the area that you want to cover.
  • You can place loft beds in your apartment if you don’t mind climbing up the ladder every night.
  • Placing curtains is also a great way to hide your cluttered cabinets or your bedroom.
  • To give a classy look to your small home, you can put up glass walls in distinct areas.

How to Make a Bedroom in Your Studio Apartment?

Many tricks can help you to create a bedroom in your studio apartment. Some of them are listed below.

  • You can create a larger living room.
  • Separate the areas by using curtains to make a room.
  • You can install sliding doors in your home and create a bedroom.
  • Build a temporary wall in your home to separate your sleeping space.
  • Room dividers are a great choice for studio rooms.
  • Other ideas include bookshelves, wall beds, and loft beds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a queen bed fit in a studio apartment?

A queen-size bed can fit into most of the studio apartments.

How do you hide a bed in a studio apartment?

A bed can be hidden in a studio apartment by using bookcase dividers, curtains, or a sliding wall.

Is a studio apartment good for a couple?

A studio apartment is great for couples; it is an affordable option for two people.

Is it worth living in a studio apartment?

If you want to save money, then living in a studio apartment is a fantastic option.

Should I get a studio or 1 bedroom?

It depends on how many people will live with you; if you are alone, get a studio apartment.

What is a studio vs. 1 bedroom?

A one-bedroom apartment features a separate bedroom area, whereas a studio apartment does not.


Living in a studio apartment will provide you with several possibilities that will help you to live a minimal life and own fewer possessions. The best options for bedding have been discussed in this article, which will make your home an enjoyable and comfortable place.

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