Are Wedge Pillows Safe for Babies

Parents try to do their best to keep their little babies comfortable. But, are wedge pillows safe for babies? Read this article to find out.
A product marketed to help keep infants safe while they sleep, always might not be safe. Parents purchase sleep positioner devices with the intention to keep their kids safe but these things really could turn into the cause of suffocation which could lead to death; the irony is terrible.
There are even reports of around 13 infants’ death while lying in sleep wedges or sleep positioners. Often, the products claim to reduce the risk of SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome, while it could become the cause of it.
In addition to the reported deaths, CPSC got dozens of reports of infants who were placed on their sides or backs to sleep in an infant sleep positioner but later were found in an unsafe position.

Unsafe and Unnecessary

Many of these sleep positioners for the infant were sold with packaging, indicating they reduce the risk of SIDS. The FDA, however, warns there is no evidence to support such claims.
Placing your toddler on her or his back for sleep is highly recommended for the prevention of SIDS. Newborns don’t really need a special product to keep them in that position.
Even after your child is strong enough to roll over, placing him on his back to sleep is still safest. You don’t have to keep re-positioning her each time she rolls over to find a comfortable position. Adding a product to try to prevent rolling is just introducing a hazard.
The bottom line is that sleep positioners for infants are not necessary and introduce a suffocation hazard into the crib so, they certainly are not safe. A bare crib, with a fitted sheet and a well-fitting crib mattress, is the safest sleep space for your baby.

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