Best Lampeez 3D Lamps Reviews With The Ultimate Guide

In this LAMPEEZ 3d lamps reviews, we will assist you in keeping away from falling for terrible brands that are available on the market. We request you to read on these LAMPEEZ lamps reviews, which you might get for your family or immediately for interior decoration.

Are you in search of an innovative and attentive way to put a smile on your beloved one’s face? It follows that presenting somebody is sometimes the most demanding task you might do. Whether it’s your child or fanatic, it isn’t effortless to identify what they’ll understand or what they would not. Nevertheless, you cannot go wrong with a few presents -and a good quality LAMPEEZ lamp is the best 3D model for you.

If you have determined to fit with a LAMPEEZ lamp, you will become aware of that the 3D lamp market is overflowed with various brands, that creates it reasonably hard to select the best 3D LAMPEEZ 3d lamp among them.

You do not like to gift your dear one an item that gets broken by far and will irritate them.

And that’s the review perfect for you. We have individually acquired one or two of LAMPEEZ 3d lamps, and you can rely on our words about picking the best brand.

If you do not want to spend time to read this review, let’s check the table with a detailed summary of the best LAMPEEZ 3d lamps.

Here You Have The 8 Best Lampeez 3D Lamps Reviews

1/ Three D Optical Illusion Night Light Review

3D Optical Illusion Night Light - 7 LED Color...
  • 3D EFFECT - a flat acrylic plate that creates a hologram-like illusion image.
  • 7 COLOR SETTINGS AND 2 MODES - Change the color of the light into Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan,...
  • SAFE AND EFFICIENT - shines bright but consumes a little power to operate. LED can operate up to...
  • TOUCH CONTROL - turn on/off or change color mode easily with just a touch for your convenience.
  • USB POWERED - plug it on your laptop, powerbank or your smartphone's USB charger using our 2M length...

The 3D optical illusion night light is solid. The model has an extremely bright glow. However, you may make softer the light glow by rotating through particular colors. This glow works fine as an enjoyable night light for the bedroom. There’re protecting covers on all parts of the light plate to maintain it dirt free and protected sooner than you use. The setup process is quite simple. This model is a touch lamp Light.

As a consequence, it is straightforward to use! The single downbeat thing we’ve found regarding the 3D optical model to this point is that one or two of the light color options appear a bit blurred. On the other hand, with lots of bright color options, it does not reduce your satisfaction.

The product quality is charming! If you are a Batman rebel, the model is the perfect piece for you. The bottom of the unit performs it all and with no moving parts. This model is long-lasting and well-built very well!

Main Features of This 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

This model includes a 3D effect like a flat acrylic plate which produces a hologram-related illusion icon.

You can change the light color into white, yellow, red, purple, blue, green, and cyan.

The color modes are balanced and exchangeable.

Completely safe product and good at your job as well.

The night light stands out bright, although it uses a bit of power to function. The LED system can work less than ten thousand hours and not at all concern of burning.

You can rotate on/off or adjust color mode with no trouble with only a handle for your suitability.

Just plug it on the power bank, PC, or your android phone’s USB charger with our fantastic USB cable.

Pros and Cons


  • This shipping process is fast and right on time.
  • The functionality of the product is dead right.
  • You can use this model with no trouble.
  • They offer good quality lighting in your room.
  • The product price is reasonable compared to the other brands.
  • The base is well-built and moves through any colors with no trouble.
  • The brightness of the model is suitable for morning or night.


  • The plastic is a bit tricky to get down.
  • Some reviewers complain about the 3D effect output.
  • Sometimes the model breaks very easily.

2/ Owl 3D Illusion Lamp Review

Owl 3D Illusion Lamp, Elstey 7 Color Changing...
  • Light change: Red - green - blue - yellow - cyan - pink - white - all color flashing in turn. touch...
  • USB charging interface, easy to charge. Comprised of 4mm acrylic glass which is both durable and...
  • Beautiful and special owl design in the night, best gifts or presents for home decor
  • It works with LED light which is energy-saving and eye protection. Eco-friendly acrylic material, no...
  • Applicable scenarios:Bedroom, Baby room, Bars, Cafes, Hotels, Cinema, Clubs, University, Restaurant...

The best part of this 3D illusion model is the product looks just as they described and pictured. While you open up and everything is there accordingly. Our only criticism about the model is that one side (the head part) is hefty than the further side. Besides, it would like to turn over in its bottom if you are not watchful. The owl itself doesn’t assemble, especially deep in the bottom, building the difficulty as mentioned earlier a bit boring to sort out, and that’s the single thing we might adjust about this OWL 3D illusion lamp t. Else if that, this lamp is fantastic!

We might award this model 5 stars (perhaps even more than that if the lamp lasts for a long). Still, the acrylic is excessively slight at the bottom and so much heavy on the upper part, the owl is nice-looking, and it immediately falls precisely out of the bottom with the least of contact. This model is super cute, and our dear one likes it! Our preferred color setting is yellow since the owl appears more evident with the light color. We do not know why everybody is protesting about the model, not having a conventional plug. This model is an ideal collection for your room. You may turn this lamp on nighttime when you are all set for bed.


Main Features of Owl 3D Illusion Lamp

The best part of this model is all flickering colors one by one.

The touch button to tie between unusual color or the flickering colors mode will meet up your requirements.

The product includes a USB charging line that easier to charge.

4mm acrylic glass is long-lasting and stunning.

Stunning and exceptional owl design in the dark best presents for the interior decoration.

The model works perfectly with an LED light that is entirely eye-protective.

Pros and Cons


  • The product quality is up to the mark.
  • The price of this model is reasonable to compare to the other brands.
  • You can set up with no trouble and completely easy to use.
  • The lamp looks very cute and lucrative.
  • The model is very durable and long-lasting.
  • The shipping process is fast and right on time.
  • The design is lovely and lively.
  • Beautiful and high-quality packaging.


  • The 3D optical illusion is not that effective than the other models.
  • It’s an imprinted synthetic part that does not fit correctly in the bottom.
  • Some reviewers complain about the product was missing from the box
  • Sometimes the model does not work correctly, kept blinking.

3/ Dinosaur 3D Night Light Review

Dinosaur Toys, 3D Night Light for Kids, 3 Patterns...
  • Perfect Toys and Gifts: The night light including 3 realistic shape design patterns, which is...
  • Remote Control & Smart Touch: The brightness and color of night lights can be adjusted by remote...
  • Rechargeable Night Light: The optical acrylic plate with dinosaur pattern can be separated from the...
  • Safety Decor Lamp: The 3D dinosaur night light comes with soft, non-flicker light, It is a very...
  • 【KASCIMU GUARANTEE】We aim to make you happy with your purchase. If you're not satisfied, then...

This dinosaur 3D night light is very fantastic! If your kids are passionate about the dinosaurs, they will like to be asleep with the dinosaur 3D night light. They feel affection for this 3D light entirely. They take rolls selecting which lamp color to demonstrate every night. Also, you will find a color altering preference. The 3D lamp is easy to set up. You just put the glass section on the bottom part, plug and press the lamp button. You might press the lamp button to opt for the color also.

Over time, we might notice how long the 3D lamp lasts. We hope the light had a regular plug for composing it work and not an exceptional model that does not touch down the parcel.

The lamp light looks good. You’ve to run through all seven colors to get a hold it to round on its individual. Although after one or two days, the lamp began to rotation through truly swift and we may not work out how to find it support. As a result, we immediately disappear from the lamp on the specific color that works. You do not need to apply the cord they provide you. You possibly will use one of the Android cables if you require a little longer.

Just need to open the product package box, take the dinosaur 3D lamp out of the packaging, put the lamp in the bottom part. Then do not forget to plug the USB cords in as it should be and push the on/off button. As simple as you think! Highly recommended!

Main Features of Dinosaur 3D Night Light

You can preset single color or all the seven colors adjusting step by step.

It provides exceptional lighting effects and incredible optical illusion for your home interior decoration.

The LED life span is more than 10000 hours.

You can apply these lamps in your bed or baby room, Cafes and Hotels, visitor attractions, gifts and so on.

Pros and Cons


  • The product is very exceptional and delightful.
  • You will enjoy the size of the night light.
  • Product price is reasonable and economical than the other popular brands.
  • The color-changing button is beautiful and useful.
  • This machine is simple to set up.
  • Color changing effect is enjoyable and fun!
  • The manufacturer seems to prepare the light bright.
  • The delivery process is fast and on time.
  • Product quality is excellent and packaged as it should be.


  • Sometimes the product arrived broken.
  • Some reviewers complain that the LED doesn’t work accurately.
  • The lamp cord is a bit short, but not cause you extra bothering.
  • The plug point is the only USB
  • The acrylic plate is leaner than the bottom.

4/ Guitar 3D Illusion Lamp Review

3D Glow LED Night Light Creative Guitar...
  • Ultral-EASY TO USE: only by a SINGLE TOUCH SWITCH to control as diverse as 7 COLORS, pick one color...
  • Environment Friendly and Energy-saving: sturdy ABS base, CRYSTAL ACRYLIC PLATE ,non-taste, non-...
  • VERSATILE: soft LED light,fatigue free,fun addition to KIDS/NURSERY ROOM;creative GUITAR design with...
  • Convenient and Practicle: 3.43x3.43x1.7inches(base size),SPACE SAVED; inserted Acrylic plate, EASY...

If you are very passionate about psychedelic lighting, this 3D lamp model is the best choice for you. You would stop on every color or round through. The design is very simple; it isn’t a perfect 3D in an exact logic. We consider the way the lamp planned is perhaps purely as pleasant than the 3D model. The lamp is so lucrative during all day and night. The model provides a faint warm glow for your beautiful sleeping. You will enjoy the fun to adjust the lamp colors. This is a pleasant present for somebody who feels affection for the guitar.

Main Features of Guitar 3D Illusion Lamp

Includes excellent guitar design that is good for c Christmas or music-related party interior decoration.

You can use this 3D lamp only by a one-touch button to control as different as seven colors,

Make a choice any color for your moment or put on show the colors one by one.

This model is environment responsive and completely energy-saving:

Includes sturdy and well-built ABS bottom and low power consumption.

This is a multipurpose and amazing LED light,

Completely tiredness free that generates fun to your kid’s room.

Pros and Cons


  • The light seems like this is balanced.
  • The product price is reasonable compared to the other brands.
  • It is a good present for somebody who likes guitar.
  • The brightness of the 3D lamp is appropriate for sunup or darkness.
  • Not too big nor too small, just ideal lamp size for your room.
  • The unique light designs may well set a great mood.
  • Simple to set up and easy to operate.
  • Product quality is good, and the package is acceptable.
  • The model is very durable and long-lasting.
  • The color of the 3D lamp attractive and useful.


  • The major fault we find is the USB plug-in.
  • Delivery time is prolonged and not on time.
  • The lamp plug positioned in on the backside.
  • Some reviewers complain this model is very fragile and simply broken.
  • The model does not look 3D lamp.
  • Made in China.
  • The switch might not remain the light get going always.

5/ Millennium Falcon 3D Lamp Review

Chick Price on Amazon

If you are a massive Star Wars fan, this model is something that you could enjoy on a daily basis. You will completely love it! When it’s dark, you might notice the Millennium Falcon shining in the shadowy. Then you will feel more excited. Children will love the capability to adjust the lamp colors. In this lamp, there is a preference to have to rotate all seven colors. Though, we do believe the model a bit costly for what we get. You will be pretty stunned to unwrap the packaging and get the Millennium falcon is simply a flat part of the plastic.

On the other hand, still, we give the model a 5-star thanks to the excellent effects at nighttime. This model is not only an enjoyable product but useful as well! The lamp color adjusts the great, and the exact amount of light is released.

 Main Features of Millennium Falcon 3D Lamp

The modern 3D lamp is an extremely exclusive lamp which builds for just what the doctor ordered.

3D lights create the just-right present for gadget enthusiasts and designers.

This fantastic lamp might be perfect for a bedroom or office decor, and the playroom works fine as an ideal bedside light and room interior decoration.

It comes with a soft and usable touch switch on the bottom for controlling your lamp now and again.

You will enjoy rounding through the seven unique color modes.

The 3D lamp controlled by USB or else 3 Battery.

You will get a complete money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons


  • Great 3D lamp for children and adults.
  • The model arrives in good time and precisely as described.
  • Great price for such a pleasant 3D lamp model.
  • Easy to set up and simple to operate, not as easily broken as it seems.
  • You will be delighted with the quality of the model!
  • Color changes are pretty subtle, and the perfect amount of light is released.
  • You’ll love the light while working early in the morning or late night time.
  • Shipping time is up to the mark and excellent condition.
  • The lamp lights are dazzling as well.
  • The 3D lamp color is nice-looking and functional.


  • The poorest part of this model is sometimes it arrived broken.
  • This is just a part of plastic that’s the outline of the model.
  • Customer care service is not up to the mark.

6/ 3D Horse Lamp Review

3D Unicorn Lamp Horse Night Light Touch Table Desk...
  • Unique 3D Optical Illusion lamp:Realistic 3D optical illusion LED lamp effect in 7 color changing...
  • Touch button: Unicorn light with smart touch button can toggle between 7 Color change.Very easy to...
  • Durable and Green:High quality with acrylic panel+ABS Base, not contain Pb and Hg,Friendly to your...
  • Eco-friendly:USB Powered for Low Energy Consumption,So convenient to take with you everywhere
  • Application:Perfect decoration for table room home club restaurant etc,a perfect gift for Kids,...

This model is a perfect 3D lamp. You will find seven lucrative colors and quite a few fading alternatives to round through all the seven colors. This is reflective and not fragile in any way. The bottom part has a position for the batteries, or you may connect with a typical USB cord that’s included in the package. Your kids will completely feel affection for it and start sleep with the lamp on each night as you expect it.

This 3D lamp is a beautiful light with an apparent rotation of seven colors. Do not forget to check to drag off the plastic parts of the plate. We have a highly recommended 3D lamp!

Main Features of 3D Horse Lamp

This model is a reasonable 3D optical illusion lamp that produces seven color-changing systems.

Includes USB power or battery that not included.

It provides a unicorn light and cool touch button that can fasten between the seven color-changing processes.

This model is straightforward to use, and you can enjoy the vibrant life.

Excellent quality with an acrylic panel that is satisfying to your FNFs.

This model is entirely eco-friendly that consumes low energy.

You can decorate flawlessly for your bedroom, club, cafe, and the rest.

Pros and Cons


  • This model is an excellent mood changer.
  • You don’t need to concern about using batteries regularly.
  • The 3D lamp color is nice-looking and functional.
  • You will get a beautiful decoration.
  • Includes an easy touch switch.
  • Just the right lamp for the llama themed school.
  • The delivery process is quick, and the product is on the spot.
  • Easy to set up and easy to operate.
  • Excellent quality and works great.


  • This model does not go together with a remote.
  • Sometimes the 3D lamp stopped working after one or two months!
  • It contains an economical bit of acrylic.
  • Some reviewers complain that the model doesn’t look like a 3D lamp.
  • Made in China.
  • The on/off button is sensitive.

7/ Basketball 3D Illusion Lamp Review

Basketball 3D Illusion Birthday Gift Lamp , Gawell...
  • ❤❤ 3D visual Basketball creative lamp is an innovative artistic atmosphere light, optical...
  • ❤❤Smart Touch control 16 colours change: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, white.When the...
  • ❤❤Two kinds of electricity supply: Batteries or USB cable: compatible with any USB power port,...
  • ❤❤ [First Mode: get the exact color you want, by taping the smart touch switch one by one] +...
  • ❤❤Great present for christmas, Father's Day Mother's Day,birthday, advertising promotional,...

If you are looking for the best basketball 3D illusion lamp, this model is the best choice for you! Being acrylic, you’ve assurance it would not crack so simply! You’ll require a USB cable plug system if you do not like to employ batteries. We are a bit upset that they do not go together with a remote. This is maybe a big issue for you, but the outcome in your room at nighttime is sparkling!

On the other hand, fixed acrylic part, while you lit up by lots of variable colors under the bottom, it provides incredible 3d effect!! You cannot set off mistaken on this lamp model! Just ensure you understand what isn’t incorporated so you will be ready!

Main Features of 3D Illusion Lamp

This 3D visual lamp makes your bedroom more remarkable.

Includes a stylish touch control system that provides seven automatic color changing options.

Well-matched with every USB port, for instance, PC, laptop, and Power Bank.

No adapter required, simple to charge .not dangerous to touch, does not burn at all.

This creative lamp composes the just right as a celebration, anniversary gift for adults, and loves. Just move ahead and illuminate the life

Pros and Cons


  • The effect in your bedroom at nighttime is sparkling!
  • The basketball piece is quite flat, that’s remarkable.
  • Obvious and stunning color choices.
  • The product is packaged excellently.
  • The shipping process is speedy and on time.
  • Great product for your children and family members.
  • Very exclusive design and good quality.
  • Very simple to cycle from beginning to end.
  • Simple to set up and easy to operate.


  • Sometimes the product arrived broken.
  • Some reviewers complain that the Batteries could have been improved.
  • It does not look in any way like they advertised.
  • This model doesn’t provide the illusion of a 3D effect by any means.

8/ 3D Illusion Shark Night Lamp Review

AZALCO 3D Illusion Shark Night Lamp 16 Color...
  • 3D Illusion Shark Night Lamp 16 Color change, touch white crack base power by AA batteries with...
  • 16 color change by remote control, Color change model: White--Red-- Green--Blue--Light Green--Light...
  • The package is not included an plug to charge the light, you can use any of your mobile charger to...
  • It came with an cable for you to power this light, it is one side with USB other side is Micro USB,...
  • 16 color change by remote control, One key operated, touch one time to change the color or change it...

This illusion shark night lamp is generally pleasant and accurately as they advertised. This model adjusts lamp colors with no trouble with the fabulous button on the top, that’s an especially great feature. This unit isn’t glass; the weight is decidedly lighter. It is a lot of thin plastic that scrapes very simple and very much thin for my part, carry off from the perfect 3d effect. If you are looking at the price, this model is the right choice. It’s nonetheless adorable, and we will be glad if you buy this model.

Main Features of 3D Illusion Shark Night Lamp

Includes sixteen Color changing option.

You will get an excellent remote control with this model.

You do not need any kind of setting; just contact a single time to adjust the lamp color or long push to off the system.

This model gives you exceptional beautification for your bedroom, superstore, and restaurant, and the like.

The life span of the LED is more than 10000 hours.

They provide Environmental safety with low energy utilization.

Pros and Cons


  • This model provides off pleasant and lively lighting.
  • The product arrived on time and fast.
  • Simple to open the packaging, simple to set up.
  • It is very compact and long-lasting.
  • You will like the feeling of the on/off switch.
  • The product price is reasonable compared to the other brands.


  • You will not find any hologram effect on this item.
  • Some reviewers complain about this model crack within a few days.

Best Lampeez 3D Lamps: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

At this point, we are going to discuss a few essential aspects of how to select LAMPEEZ 3D lamps which is the most useful and looks genuine:

Recyclable Material: Most Important Feature!

The essential feature that we have keen to think about is that the LAMPEEZ 3D lamp is fabricated of recyclable material or not. There’re lots of 3D lights which are complete of low-priced kinds of stuff that are packed of pollutants and very dangerous to the atmosphere. As a result, check the appropriate materials applied in created the LAMPEEZ 3D lamps that have to be accepted and recyclable as well.

Integrated Safety Battery: Next Thing to Look at!

One more crucial feature to search for is the integrated safety battery for your 3D lamp. It should be rechargeable in order that you don’t need to release and adjust your battery many times. You might revive the integrated battery with no trouble and just the once entirely charged, it might last for lots of hours.

Exterior of Charging Port:Additional Features!

You will always notice the charging port in the base part of your lamp. But if you would like to make the most of the benefit from the structure, so you must select a model that the charging port isn’t excessively big or excessively large.

3D Effect Quality: Don’t Forget to Check !

The companies of 3D lamps aim to impersonate how an original LAMPEEZ 3D lamp appears. A good quality 3D printing technology gives a LAMPEEZ 3D lamp a more or less perfect quality and proper surface. As a result, you might opt for a model that appears as closest to the real 3D effect.

Battery Life: Essential Feature!

Most of the LAMPEEZ 3D lamps come with a battery-powered process. The longer your battery lasts, the better for you.

Proper Packaging: Extra Feature!

Before we finish, it is time to concentrate on the proper packaging. The assembly and design of the LAMPEEZ 3D lamp are easily broken. As a result, it’s essential to pay money for those popular companies who deliver your favorite LAMPEEZ 3D lamp packed as it should be.

Safety Issues: Important and Required Feature!

When these 3D lamps might not be glowing permanently while you are working, occasionally, they might get warm. It follows that you must test out the power of the model and make sure that whether the safety aspects are running appropriately or not.

Affordable Price: Last But Not Least!

LAMPEEZ 3D lamps are cost from $10 up to $70. On the other hand, an economical optical illusion lamp may have related aspects to individuals of an extra costly 3D illusion lamp. Identifying what quality matter to the user is essential while making your decision.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Lampeez a legitimate company?

Lampeez is a label among 3d lamps’ sites that offers a huge collection of innovative lamps. An extensive research regarding the legitimacy of site shows that it has mixed customer reviews, where some are happy with their purchases, others are not very content with the customer support services.

Where is Lampeez located?

Lampeez is located at 3361 Boyington Dr, Suite 240. Carrollton, TX. 75006. USA

What is a 3D lamp?

Most of the 3d lamps include a flat glass or acrylic plate with a light-up line 2d drawings that include a light source at an edge usually a base from where the light shines through the laser-etched scratches in the plate.

How does a 3D lampwork?

The 3d lamp base includes a line of LEDs.  Once powered by an electricity source, these base LEDs light up, and the whole acrylic panel is lighted up, too.  Since almost all LED lamps include 7 colors in them to choose from, a particular theme can be chosen by the touch of a switch.

How can I make my own LED lamp?

You can buy LEDs and a base for the lamp as discrete parts. Then assembling the LEDs and power supply into the base will make an LED lamp that looks like a science experiment and needs an industrial or smart design solution to make it look decent.

Where are Lampeez made?

The company was established in 2016 in Dallas and have been offering their services of unique crafted lamps from there ever since.

Final Words:

If you want to fill up your bedroom with LAMPEEZ 3d lamps, the right choice might be reading this article correctly. You will get an extensive range of 3d lamps available on the market with lots of designs and different colors. LAMPEEZ 3d lamps are a necessary element for your room beautification settings at all times. A suitable 3d lamp light might not just stop exhaustion and tension in your eyes but making your room look improved.

These models are great in quality, form, and composition as well. Besides, we’ve presented a complete buying guide in the LAMPEEZ 3d lamps reviews that will assist you in picking the correct 3d lamps you required. We request you to follow the article and make the room environment unique and suitable. Lots of queries and answers are talked about that will disappear your misunderstanding.

If you have any problem regarding this issue, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will assist you.

Have a beautiful day!

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